What’s In My Bag?

Are These Posts/Videos Still Going?

Hey Belles & Beaus!

Okay so I’m not even sure if these are actually still a thing? Are they? Are they not? I don’t know but here we are! I wanted to do this when I got my vlogging camera and got to start doing that but that’s probably not going to be until Christmas if I’m lucky so we’ll do it this way! I’ve numbered the items in my bag according to how they’re listed throughout this post so that you can reference the larger image included!

Right now my purse is pretty much what I carry back and forth to work with me so it has my things that I take with me to work majority of the time. It’s a Lauren Conrad LC collection purse that originally retailed for over $200 USD. I got it off Poshmark for like $65 USD from another fashion blogger. I absolutely love it. It’s big but it’s also just so me. Plus it’s like the prettiest color ever, blush! It’s also like the perfect blush tone for me to carry around. And rose gold accents?!?! I couldn’t resist.

DSC08519.JPG1. The MacBook & Charge Cord, Portable Hard Drive

Yep, I drag the MacBook with me almost everywhere.  I even accidentally took it with me on a date once just because it was in my purse and I totally forgot it was in there until I was already half way from the house and I was not turn around ya’ll. It would be just fine in the purse until I got home. I also keep my portable hard drive with me because sometimes I just really need to watch a good movie and all my iTunes is on that thing. I’m dead if I ever lose it. But there’s a zip pouch in the center of the purse that just fits my MacBook perfectly.

2. My Planner & Little Notebook

I am in love with my new planner, ya’ll. And the little notebook I bought like months ago for a little place to write down ideas and goals fits right inside of it so I can keep it all the time with me and always have easy access. So I pretty much keep it with me all the time so I can just jot down ideas or make lists. Usually I use it more for making lists but sometimes I use it to jot the ideas down too.

DSC08516.JPG3. My Ink Pen Bag

Yep, I have a little pink bag with all my ink pens in it. Because I like the illusion that my life is actually organized and my planner is color coded to help me keep up with things. It makes my life easier okay!

4. Cosmetic Bag with Necessities

Yep, I have one of those too. It only has my nail file, bottle of Aleve, iPhone headphones, and blistex in it. I like to keep it very minimal. If I have any lipstick with me it goes in there too. I really need to add my beauty blotter papers inside as well but I keep forgetting to take them out of my Michael Kors purse. Maybe I’ll remember one of these days.

5. A Book

Currently I’ve got The Mists of Avalon stuck in my purse because I’m trying to read it through because it’s one of my bigger/more massive reads. I mean I still need to finish my Vampire Chronicles trilogy in the big novel but right now I’m in a Arthurian kind of mood since seeing Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur.

6. Extra iPhone cord

Literally I have killed so many iPhone cords. So I have what I call a travel cord that goes with me everywhere. And then I have my pretty gold cord I got at TJ Maxx a while ago that stays at the house.

7. My Cheapo Wallet

Yeah, I said cheapo. I got it at the Wal*Mart a while ago and I’ve honestly been looking for a new one but none of them have enough space for all the cards I carry. So if you have an suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments! It doesn’t have to be pink or anything crazy, I just need it to be functional and have more than 12 card slots. So if you have any ideas, please share!

8. Purse Hook

I don’t know if these are still things, but quite a few years ago I got one of these as a birthday present and it’s emerald green – my birthstone is an Emerald. It was like the first puppy love type thing and his mom and I are actually sorority sisters now so yeah. But I keep it because I still do care about him because we grew up together and all that, but I also love how functional it is at certain restaurants when I can’t tuck my purse inside the booth with me or toss it in an empty chair nearby.

9. My little angel in a stone

Puppy love’s mom and dad were also my Sunday School teachers. And they gave the girls in their class these angels. I carry mine all the time just because it makes me feel like she’s always there because we are still semi-close, plus it’s just a nice little reminder.

10. My Charming Charlie Pearl Compact

This sucker always comes in handy when I need to touch my lips up and I absolutely adore it. Plus, an AOΠ usually always wears pearls so it goes with that life too. But I keep one just incase I can’t get to a bathroom to check my makeup or if I just need a quick touch up in the lip department.


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