Films I Adore Vol. 2

Star Wars: All the Episodes!

So this isn’t really a movie review because these movies have been around since the 70s. I just thought it would be cool to talk about a movie or some movies that I never get tired of watching. Star Wars is pretty much the go to. I mean Gone with the Wind is still my absolute favorite movie and book, but Star Wars in general is my go to when I feel like crap.

Plus today is the 40th birthday for the beginning of the franchise so what better way to celebrate in my opinion!

So I was first introduced to this movie series when I was four. They released in 1997 on VHS in the 20th special edition trilogy VHS set. Mom got them for a Christmas present for me and it’s been all downhill since that happened. This series not only started my love affair with Harrison Ford and a majority of his work, but also my love for Star Wars and space in general. Like if I wasn’t so big on criminal justice, NASA would have been my next calling.

And just so ya’ll know, I’m totally piled up in my bed watching Return of the Jedi right now as I write this. Not going to lie at all.

Ya’ll, seriously, I love Star Trek, Spock, Piccard, and all the other fun stuff that it brought about but Star Wars has no historical ties to our world. It’s a completely different galaxy. It’s a completely different way of life. It just is.

Plus can we just talk about the most iconic music that took place before the world of Harry Potter came to the big screen? Like come on! Every single college that has a band that plays big games plays the freaking imperial march! I know this. Alabama’s band does it every year and I giggle like a little girl when it happens! Seriously, most iconic music for a score that I’ve ever heard, of course other than Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter.

The reason I love these movies so much deals with their plotlines. I love the world George Lucas created. Trust me, even when I’m sick and probably sleep through the movies, it’s because of how knowledgeable I am of the movies that allows me to do so. They’re comfort movies for me. Plus with expanding series, I’m glad to say that if they keep up with smaller movies that fill in blanks like Rogue One did, then I’m probably going to have enough material to keep me set for a whole four day weekend one of these days.

In other words, Disney and J.J., do me a favor and give me the bit between Episode III and Rogue One please! I ask nicely because I wanna know what happened between these two films!

These movies don’t have a specific reason for being my favorites. At least if I had a reason, I wouldn’t be able to completely pinpoint it for you because every time I watch them, I notice something new. Though I will tell you, Wicket the Ewok is still my favorite and always will be. I even got Katherine an Wicket stuffed animal toy because we love Ewoks in this family.  I still want a Wicket TsumTsum so I’m on the search for that currently.

But even mumsy likes these movies so she’s always for going to see them with me in theaters like we did with The Force Awakens. Though I saw Rogue One with someone else. But I have full plans to see The Last Jedi when it comes out this year with mumsy.

What is or are your go to comfort movies?

May the force be with you,

Trula Marie