What is a Girl’s Best Friend?

It Sure Ain’t Diamonds

Every girl views some specific accessory as their best friend. Whether it’s their favorite style of necklaces or their favorite line of jeans that fit and make them feel just right it’s their go to thing that makes them feel amazing.

Well for this Southern Belle, it’s shoes. I have a crazy shoe obsession. I mean literally, belles & beaus, I have a three builtin shelves in my closet that are filled with shoes that I wear/don’t wear. Now more recently, as part of my organizing my things more, I have started keeping the boxes that the shoes come in because it helps me to know which ones are which and make it easier to find. Plus the boxes help if I decide that I don’t want my feet to possibly start hurting before I go somewhere so I just carry the box and switch shoes before I go wherever I’m going in the car. Organizational tools and great for travel!

I’m still on the search somewhere to get empty shoe boxes that I can buy alone so that I can take polaroids or something and tape them to the box. But I am absolutely in love with shoes. And when I get to wear a specific pair for the perfect outfit, there is no one that could bring my mood down.

The best part of my shoe addiction is obsessing over finding the shoe of my current fantasies and when I do find it I get extremely ecstatic. Bonus dancing if they are found on sale for a fabulous price. You have no idea how much I love getting shoes on sale. Because telling that part of the story is always the best part about someone complimenting my shoes.

“Oh those are darling!”

“Thank you, they only cost me $20 when they are regularly priced at $60.”

Seriously! It makes me get all giddy! And as someone who’s shoe size is one of those that sells out pretty quickly, finding a shoe that I’ve obsessed over forever, on sale and in my size. There is no bonus dancing. There is only finding the perfect outfit to wear them out with and doing so as soon as humanly possible.

Certainly I love my abundance of scarves and vests, but I am addicted to my shoes. They are seriously my favorite thing. I have like six pairs of flip flops because I have a brand that I love and the little toe separator doesn’t give me blisters.

SONY DSCA good pair of shoes just makes my day and outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting my make-up perfect, but a pair of shoes makes me walk a little taller and a lot more confident. Besides, heels are actually supposed to make women stand taller and I really don’t mind the way they make my butt look better. I mean, personally I feel I have a nice one but wearing my heels makes it just a bit perkier which gives me all the more confidence.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s always important to have that one thing that makes you feel amazing in an outfit. It can be anything but it’s always the best idea to have something like that in your arsenal. So if you haven’t found that statement thing about you, go find it! Experiment so that you know what makes you feel good about your outfit for the day. I’m not saying it has to be so “aesthetic” but it never hurts to have something that’s going to give you a confidence boost! But I also wanted to share my favorites with ya’ll in this post so here we go.

The first pair here are my latest nude purchase even though they are somewhat a blush tone as well. I got these back at the beginning of April when I went to pay off the Kohl’s credit card for my last purchase I had put on there. I’ve had my eyes on these and it’s really hard to find a size 6 US for me usually. This is because size 6 US is one of the first to go. Thankfully I got the last pair of these babies that were in our Kohl’s and they were on sale. Plus I got an extra 10% off of them when I went to the checkout and an additional 15% for using my Kohl’s card. So come on, these $60 USD or so shoes were totally a steal. And they’re my “nice” nudes.

These are from Lauren Conrad’s collection that she does with Kohl’s. I have another pair I’m interested in but I can’t seem to find them in a size 6 US anywhere for me at a reasonable price. If someone has luck and wants to send me a link to them, then feel free and here they are. I’d prefer them in the Ivory because I have black heels that I love… Though I might not mind them in black.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.08.07 PMThis second pair cost me a pretty penny at Francesca’s but seriously ya’ll I have a bad obsession with that store. But these were totally worth it! I have been meaning to get another pair of wedges since my only pair I own decided I needed to have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. These gave me one blister but that’s my fault because lots of walking in them when I haven’t broken them in. Yeah, I’ll remember not to do that next time. But I love them! They’re super comfy and I seriously had no problems with them hurting my feet surprisingly.

They’re super comfy and these will actually be added in with my next Outfit of the Day post.

What is your favorite accessory that makes you feel like a million bucks?