Life Update Vol. 8

I’m Trying

Hey belles & beaus!

I have a couple posts coming your way this week. I apologize for not posting more. I worked a bunch this past week and so I haven’t had much brain power to focus on much, but I do have a post that I want to get posted this week because it’s about a makeup product that comes out next month and I want to share my review on it since I got an early release for it for my birthday last month with Ulta.

And now I’m rambling but who cares! Do you care?  Okay going to stop now.

So I didn’t want to share this on here because I didn’t want to scare anyone of have it be an attention grabbing thing because it’s not. It’s just an update on the financial situation with the potentiality of getting the vlogging camera.

Reminder: this is not an attention grabbing thing it is just an update on the potential vlogging camera.

I had a car accident. I’m fine. I promise. My car however was not fine. I broke a strut and flattened a tire in the process so I went ahead and got my new tires I needed and replaced both front struts because you can’t replace one side without replacing the other. It makes the car drive wonky. So I’m out a chunk of money right now with that. Thus it’s going to be a while before the camera happens I think. Maybe I can just say it’s what I want for Christmas. I don’t know. We’ll see.

But anyways that happened. So life is just boring right now.

I didn’t go to Helen Keller Festival this year despite Sister Hazel playing Saturday night. Seriously one day I will be kicking myself for that but let me tell you, it will not be this week. I got to spend the evening with my mumsy watching John Wick and John Wick Chapter 2. So I’ll be giving ya’ll my opinions on that as well this week. I’ve got a few more movies to watch that I want to review for ya’ll as well so maybe hopefully I can get some of those watched and posts written this week.

I’m also hoping that I can get my hair done this weekend because let me tell you guys, I’m in need of some hair love because the bangs are just not having it… And I might or might not have clipped at them myself. Don’t yell at me y’all. I know it isn’t right to be clipping or hacking at your own bangs. It’s my fault to begin with. But it will be righted this weekend. Hopefully.

So anyways, that’s life right now. I’ve got a few ideas for a posts including my current holy grail products I’ve recently found and am in love with so they’ll most likely be this month’s favorites. So be prepared for things to gear up again!


Trula Marie