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Big Volume Mascara

Hey belles & beaus!

SONY DSCIt’s been a while since I’ve posted about a product other than my monthly faves. I haven’t actually been shopping much and so I haven’t gotten anything majorly new to review until I finally picked up my birthday gift at Ulta. Like Sephora they do gifts but you don’t exactly get to pick it out. Sephora gives you options, Ulta doesn’t.

But anyways, picked it up last month and actually used it. The product description states that it gives up to 12 times more volume. For those of you are wondering when you can get it, the product doesn’t officially launch until sometime this month so you can’t unless you’ve got the rewards membership with Ulta and your birthday is before the launch date.

SONY DSCBut let’s be honest here, I’ve tried it. Yes, the volume is real. I’m not going to lie. My lashes were extremely boosted. But they were also seriously clumped. This is why I love my long lash fiber mascara from NYX Cosmetics. I don’t have to deal with clumps. Also I’m not Audrey Hepburn – though I love the woman for all that she has done in her life as a humanitarian plus all her movies! – so I’m not going to sit with a needle close to my eye and pry my eyelashes apart!

“But, Trula,” I can hear one of you saying, “they’ve made a tool that will help you separate your lashes!” I know! I’ve seen it at Ulta and frankly…. Well it’s still got semi-sharp looking ends that I don’t want near my eyeball. I’m already blind as it is, let’s not risk making it worse.

So though it totally is a 10 for 10 on the volume, the clumping situation is god awful. I say this but then again it may not be a bad clumping situation for other people. Maybe I just have funky eyelashes! Who knows? I sure don’t, but this is just my opinion on the new mascara they’re coming out with. Will I use it again? Maybe if I have the time to pick apart my eyelashes, but otherwise it’s a seriously fail for me.

What products have you recently gotten that have been a fail for you?


Trula Marie