Life Update Vol. 9

Life’s Somewhat Back On Track

Hey belles & beaus!

So I thought I’d save this one for the end of the week and kinda of give you a blow by blow of the past two weeks in one go since the last life update and I’ll try to organize them with days/dates to help with the order!

Things are actually going better, as you can see I’ve actually gotten to post stuff this week! So yay for that! I didn’t want to give ya’ll like two movie reviews in one week so John Wick Chapter Two will come next week because – honesty time – I have to rewatch a smidge of it because poor tired kitten that I was fell asleep during the last 20 minutes or so and I missed some plot points. I have to refresh myself before I can be honest with you about it. But without further chit chat, let’s begin. Fair warning, this one will be a long one.

Monday (6/26/17) & Tuesday (6/27/17)

Absolutely normal day. I wasn’t coming in until midnight to work. Had a low tire, ended up having to be brought to work by mum because I changed the tire to be safe and my car wouldn’t start. Found out the next day after my darling uncle jumped my car off, that I had a bad battery. So my car guy replaced it, changed my oil, and fixed my tire. Tuesday was a great day though because I got to have Waffle House before I went home. Yay for Waffle House!

Wednesday (6/28/17)

So this was a crapshoot day to be honest. I’d gotten off that morning at 8am and then went home, full of intentions to blog and post on Instagram and all that jazz after I woke up at noon.

I slept. All day, ya’ll. All day. No lie. It really happened. My body pillow and I were cuddle up and I was literally having some freaking awesome dreams. No, I won’t share those because those are for my most intimate of friends and they pretty much have to deal with my life that’s not going on here on the blog. But yeah, they were awesome and I slept all day or at least I considered it all day because it was until like three o’clock in the afternoon-ish. I couldn’t get crap done at that point. So I gave up and had dinner.

Thursday (6/29/17) & Friday (6/30/17)

Me attempting a non-car/bedroom/bathroom selfie. Yep, sometimes it takes laying down in the grass.

This was a little better. I actually kinda slept pretty crappily the night before because I slept all day the day before so I was up decently early. And I did my makeup like super super pretty…. But I didn’t take any proper selfies for ya’ll to see. Besides, the left eyeliner was really wonkie because I’m still getting used to doing cat-eye. I’m getting better though! My tails were on fleek! P.S. does anyone still use that term anymore? Please let me know down in the comments.

Friday only gets an honorable mention because I woke up at 4am with freaking indigestion giving me pain out the ass in my chest and back. I promise I’m fine. I felt way better by work.

Saturday (7/1/17)

Had an appointment. Ended up out early and got to spend time with one of my bestie sorority sisters. I actually am going to try and do a few blog posts with her because ya’ll need to see her artwork. She is amazing ya’ll. But the point is we got caught up, did a little mall run around. I even got enough of Bare Minerals new custom foundation formula to try later this week and see how I’m going to like it. When I smudged it on my hand, I absolutely kinda of fell in love and the tester was eerily almost the same color as my complexion. So one of the lovely ladies working there gave me enough of a sample to try on my face before I commit to the almost $50 for it.

Gonna be honest, if it acts like it did on my hand on my face… There just might be a purchasing going on. I know call me crazy, but seriously! I will willingly drop bank on my foundation and buy cheap everything else. It’s just how I am. Though I might have to invest in a new setting spray. My NYX Matte one is causing my current Bare Minerals foundation to turn pink. So I’m looking for a new setting spray!

Monday (7/3/17) & Tuesday (7/4/17)

Happy 4th of July!

A semi busy day. I got that post our late for ya’ll. All my apologies for that one. But I managed to swing by and get my shampoo and conditioner on sale at Ulta. Seriously the best deal they have going on!

Of course Tuesday was eerily similar. We didn’t do much or go do anything to be honest. It was really just a chill day. I watched A Capitol Fourth – kind of freaked when John Stamos got to perform with the Beach Boys because it was like Full House all over again!

Thursday (7/6/17) & Friday (7/7/17)

Well I attempted a new foundation search on Thursday and tried a neutral tone. Not a good idea. Friday was spent sleeping after my late shift Thursday night and then hanging out with the bestie during for an art crawl and good food. A successful girls night indeed.