Sorority Life: Recruitment

Advice For Those Going Through Recruitment

Hey belles & beaus!

I was sitting around yesterday doing some stuff around the house, aka refolding the mess that was my t-shirt and sorority t-shirt drawers, and it hit me. A dear friend of mine, who is also a sorority sister, has a little sister who is fully planning on going through recruitment this year with her first year at college! The reason this is such a big deal is because she’s a legacy for AO∏ since her sister is a member of AO∏.  This has inspired me to give some advice to those going through recruitment because let’s be honest, everyone has different ideas as to what someone should wear for recruitment. To me it should always reflect you as a person.

But why don’t we jump into the deep end for a little while?

Check Your Campus’ for Panhellenic Registration

As I was doing my research to make sure I hadn’t missed any dates to submit a Membership Information Form (MIF) for my friend’s sister, I noticed that not only does the university she is planning to attend have a registration for Panhellenic Recruitment but they also require a small fee for snacks, shirts, and so on to be provided for the week.

Make sure that you check your university’s Panhellenic section on their website. Most of them that have a decent size Greek life can possibly have an area to register if you are interested in going through recruitment. It’s better to be safe than sorry so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Go Comfy but Appropriate

Fall recruitment never really takes place in the middle of true fall for a lot of campuses, so you’re still going to hit some of that summer heat. Depending upon how the parties are set up, sometimes you can get away with shorts and a cute blouse. Just remember that as the week progresses you’ll be attending a fewer number of parties but these will be longer than the earlier part of the week. So make sure that your clothes, shoes, and makeup are comfy.

I highly suggest flats as much as possible until the last event which is typically Preference – for AO∏ at least. You’ll be sitting most of Preference so heels are easier to get away with so that your feet aren’t killing you by the end of the night. Flats are a must for recruitment! So investing in a nice pair before hand wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Even if you tan well, you will regret not wearing a little when you go out to these parties. Yes, these days will be long and go into the night, but I doubt anyone wants weird tan-lines in the end of it all. I mean it would make for an amazing story to tell later on but still. You  need to protect your skin because you don’t know how long you’ll be outside in the sun until it’s far too late. The more you take care of your skin now the better it will be as you get older.

Now if sunburns happen, look into getting some Solarcaine. It comes in a green gel at Wal-Mart and has the active ingredients in vinegar that pulls the heat out of the burns but with the soothing treatment that aloe vera gives you.

Most Importantly: Be You

Literally I only have four things for ya’ll. The most important is to just be yourself through the process. If you’re not, then the women you are meeting can’t see what beauty that is you. That means you are less likely to find your home in Greek life if you are really seeking it. Just remember, you may believe you are paying for friends by joining one of these groups but I can tell you there are some people who will tell you they didn’t pay enough for them. And I will definitely say that is a statement that couldn’t be more true for myself.

Being you lets them know the qualities that you have. Every group has a list of qualities/values that they are founded on that you will learn once you are initiated. These guide the members when choosing new members for the respective organizations. So keep that in mind as you progress thru the week.

Sorority women: what are your suggestions for recruitment week?

XOXO, Trula Marie