Current Favorites Vol. 2

My Favorite Ways To Unwind After A Stressful Day

Hey Belles & Beaus!

So after a little looking around at all the possible blog topics I have saved, this one seemed to be right up my alley with the crazy month I have going on at the moment. And I’m going to be honest if you didn’t see the tweet the other day about how crappy I felt, then know you know I felt horrible. And if you missed it, well it’s been horrible. Remind me to never take melatonin again. Very very bad experience this last week or so.

Anyways so today we are talking about my favorite way to unwind after a stressful day or night! Sometimes life just gets a little too crazy for me with work and I get really stressed out. Not because of any certain thing but because I have a bad habit of letting it all build up until I just combust. But recently I’ve been trying to actually stop doing that and work through my stress.


My biggest thing that helps my stress is yoga. I purchased the first season of Namaste Yoga a while ago. I just keep going through the same pose though. This is because I like to master one pose before moving on to another so I’m still stuck on Warrior. But yoga is really relaxing for me and for some reason instead of making me sleepy it gives me more energy. I guess it’s because I relax and all the tension releases so that my natural energy can flow better. But I always feel extremely refreshed and full of energy when I get the opportunity to take my time and work through the sequences.

Working Out

I know this kind of sounds crazy but a good workout is good for stress relief as well. Working out always tires me out though in some strange way. I usually stick to a lot of ab, thigh, and butt workouts because those are my problem areas – thank God for great arms and hauling my nephews around on my hip! You wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be such a good work out but it is. Parents, I salute you for carrying your kids around.


Okay, I know this may not seem like a good stress reliever but it is. I love to read just about anything – including the occasional Marvel fanfiction. So I’ll usually curl up in the bed and read for a little while. Sometimes I do it just because I something on TV isn’t holding my attention. Yes, I have seen almost every Criminal Minds episode so I can literally say that they very rarely hold my attention. I could probably quote it from memory like I can James Bond movies.

Movies/TV Show

I can’t say how many times I’ve been so stressed to come home and just marathon my favorite shows or movies. I guess it just allows my brain to shut off. During college, I would fall asleep with my TV on either watching a movie in the DVD player or watching something through the HDMI cable and my laptop. I had gotten out of the habit once I’d graduated but the cycle started again when my sleep schedule got thrown out of wack so I just accept that I fall asleep to my favorite shows and such. Sometimes it is Outlander other times it’s The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. It just depends on what mood I am in.

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax yourself?

XOXO, Trula Marie


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  1. I love yoga to wind down as well! I used to do pilates if I had a super hard day and had a lot of aggression to get out haha. Something about not being able to breathe at the end of a class made my anger disappear.


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