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Hey belles & beaus!

With my one year of my current job creeping up on me, it felt like the perfect time to just kind of touch base on this. Now, what sucks is that some high schools are lucky enough to have a class that teaches you how to properly build a résumé. I took said class and never touched this. I learned how to type memos and such, but never a résumé. So to be honest, I just picked a template in word and followed it.

Well thankfully when I was still having problems, my big sister from AO∏ happened to be my shoulder to lean on as well as my awesome voice of reason. She’s already working in a section of our major – we majored in the same thing but she went on to get her master in Public Administration. She works more in that area than criminal justice, which is where I truly want to be. She had me send her my résumé to her and then she sent it over to a gentleman in their human resources there.

When I got it back, my résumé looked a million times better and I was told how to make it look more appealing to  potential employers. I’ve got a couple versions of mine now that I’ve got it more streamlined. One includes my offices when I was a collegiate member of Alpha Omicron Pi and then another that has just the jobs that I have had since I graduated high school. Both cover all of the things that I have achieved as far as talents and certifications. They also have my references that I use. One is one of my professors from college, another is the Assistant District Attorney that I interned under during my last semester of college, and then my last is one of my sorority advisers that worked extremely close with me during my time in my offices.

In my opinion, your references should always be variant. You should always have someone that worked closely with you during your time at college because your advisors know how hard you worked to get there. Mine most certainly did. You also want someone who can speak about your work ethic. Now while past jobs can do this, there are some times when that’s not always going to happen. That’s why having someone that is a reference that you’ve worked closely with on a daily basis is good to have as a reference.

It’s also good to have someone who has been with you emotionally as well that can vouch for your morals as well.  The idea is that you have to have people who are in your corner for you. The more people you have the better, but it’s always nice to know people who are in your corner. Another really great tip I’ve received in life is to always ask the person interviewing you if there are any concerns on your résumé. Because sometimes some things can throw red flags for some potential employers. It’s nothing against you, it’s just what happens sometimes.

But there y’all go, a little bit of advice.

What would you suggest including on résumés?

XOXO, Trula Marie


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  1. When I was in the education field, my resumes included little quotes from my reference letters. Just a quick sentence here and there to fill up some blank space. I started doing that on a suggestion from my university’s career department. I had one of their workers change up my resume to fit my field and it really worked (plus it was free!)

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