Chatty Q&A Instagram Livestream

7-30-17 at 9pm CST (Central Standard Time)

Hey belles & beaus!

So in thanks to Chrissey at The Unabridged Sass, I’ve decided to do a Livestream on Instagram. Now if you’re not on there, I apologize, but it seems to be the best platform. She’d tried on Twitter and I was there for it… But it just was not fun. I’m going to try to keep it to an hour as we also found out Instagram has a time limit on their livestream services – exactly to an hour. Now I might come back as soon as it ends and start round two if there is interest.

The livestream will be available for 24 hours afterwards. I might put it on my youtube channel and link it here for y’all that missed out to watch it, but we’ll see. If you want to ask any questions, please feel free to use the Contact page here on the blog, comment on this post, tweet me on Twitter, or send in questions on Tumblr via the ask feature or IM feature. I’ll have all four pulled up during the the Q&A chatty livestream so that I can answer any questions y’all have! And if you need a refresher, all the social medias can be found on the footer of the blog as well as under my Meet the Blogger image.

There are certain topics that are off limits, but that is somewhat of a lengthy detailed list. So please don’t have hurt feelings if I don’t answer your question. There are just certain things I don’t feel like sharing.

But there ya go! I hope I’ll see you all there!

Use the hashtag #LivestreamWithSBG if you want to but I’m definitely going to be using it!