Life Update Vol. 11

Instagram Livestream

Hey belles & beaus!

So last night was my first official livestream. Thanks for being there if you were there and thanks for all the questions as well! I don’t know how I feel about the format of livestreaming on Instagram right now. Maybe I need to do a few more in the future to get used to it or see if I like it. I have verified my account though on YouTube so that we can maybe one day – when I get my vlogging camera – we can actually just do the livestreams on there, but for now I think we’re going to stick to being on the Instagram. I don’t know how many we’ll be doing each month because it’ll completely depend on my work schedule but I want to keep them on Sundays. This is mainly because Sundays are just a day of relaxation in the South and – though I declare myself a heathen most Sundays because I miss church – it’s Church day so I’m usually a little more put together on Sundays.

Life has been a world wind this last week. I’m glad that I was able to blog at least this past week for y’all, and I hope I can keep it up this week because I really miss getting to do all this when I don’t get to blog. Also, I know I promised that the John Wick Chapter 2 review was going to come out this past Friday and instead I released the whole livestream announcement. So I apologize for that, but it will be out this week! I promise! It’s ready to go so more than likely it’ll be out tomorrow. I have a bunch of movies that mumsy just bought that we haven’t watched like the new Fast & Furious and Logan. I refuse to let her watch it until she’s caught up with all the X-Men movies so those will hopefully be coming soon as well!

No monthly favorites for July. I haven’t shopped much because of bills and I only got a product that I haven’t reviewed yet so I’ll save it for August when -hopefully – I’ll be able to get a couple new products I’ve had my eye on to give y’all reviews on.

I would like to remind y’all as well that the Labor Day Vacation playlist is still open for song additions. Feel free to head on over by clicking here and adding songs. Or you can suggest them down in the comments and I’ll add them to the playlist myself! I still need like 4 hours and change in music for the 8 hour drive, so drop them songs y’all!

In the meantime though, have a wonderful Monday!

XOXO, Trula Marie