John Wick Chapter 2

The Sequel I Wanted…. And Actually Got!

Hey belles & beaus!

So the last time we visited the land of “Films I Adore” we were discussing the sequel to xXx titled xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. As we all know from that post, I consider it the official sequel to xXx instead of the one that actually was released after it with Ice Cube in it. It’s just my opinion. #SorryNotSorry But that’s my opinion. We also know that it was the sequel that failed me epically in the idea of answering questions as to what the hell Xander was doing between movies. I mean we got some answers but not really. But have no fear! Keanu Reeves is here to save the day! As John Wick of course!

Mumsy and I bypassed going to see this one in theaters mainly because it was super hard to find a day when I was working reasonably to go on a weekend when she was off. But when it came out on DVD we jumped at it. For me, it had been a while since I’d watched the first one all the way through so we watched it first and then watched the second one. And man did this movie not disappoint.

Remember how Theon Greyjoy (for my fellow Game of Thrones fans) basically stole John’s car in the first movie that started the whole storm of crap that rained down on the Russians? Yeah, if you saw the first movie you know he didn’t get the car back. The sequel opens up with Theon Greyjoy’s Russian uncle talking about John Wick and how he was the boogeyman and how he’s coming to get his car back.

This movie does not disappoint on the story line. In a similar turn of events, John Wick is pulled back into the underground world of assassins by the past that got him out. It’s really cool to find out that he traded a blood marker to get out basically. Now I won’t ruin it for you, but the blood marker plays the biggest role in the movie next to Keanu as Wick.

The whole movie follows John through this next adventure, taking us deeper into the life he lead before getting married to Helen. He’s forced back into the life he gave up even though he had planned to really just avenge Daisy (the puppy from the first movie) and retrieve his Mustang which he’s informed won’t be fixed until Christmas 2030. The movie just blows your mind because of the fighting stunts. I mean seriously.

This is also another movie that Ruby Rose just impressed me in. Her character in this movie is mute! She signs in the movie of course because her character, but seriously she just amazes me with the way she was in the movie. The whole movie was just impressive and with the way they ended the movie there has to be a third movie. Maybe I’m wrong, but they definitely dropped it off at the perfect cliffhanger for a third one. So we’ll see.

What sequels have impressed you recently? Or do you have an old one that just blew you away?

XOXO, Trula Marie