Life Update Vol. 12

Let’s Be Honest These Are Becoming A Monday Thing

PS. It’s rambly so apologize in advance

Hey belles & beaus!

I apologize now for the lack of blogging on Thursday & Friday last week. I worked both days and slept really crappy as well so my posts would have been crud. I’d rather y’all read good content than poop because I wasn’t feeling good and running on less than my normal amount of sleep.

So I didn’t do crap this weekend. I worked all weekend at my job as well as Thursday and Friday. So life pretty much has sucked the last few days. But have no fear! There are blog posts planned for this week already and I will be working on them today and tomorrow so that you won’t be left hanging while I work Wednesday-Friday.

One is one that I’m like uber excited about. I’m giving y’all my must see destinations in Florence. So I’m probably not going to be near my computer today as I’m going to take photos ALL DAY today. I’m kinda of excited because I’m going to treat myself to some Trowbridges – which made it’s debut in my first day trip two part series! Seriously I cannot wait for y’all to see the places I suggest seeing in one of my favorite cities. Maybe one day I’ll do my all time favorite city for y’all but that’s gonna take me living there to do so. So maybe soon-ish in the future.

I’ve picked up a few new makeup products to try this month and I’ll be giving you my full in depth look at them and giving you all my monthly favorites at the end of the month – if I have any.

Also, if you saw the twitter this weekend, then you know that I’m about to say good bye to the silver hair! I know, I know, why after you spent so much time getting it to the color and after all the trouble you’ve had with it? Well it’s because I’m lazy when it comes to my hair and it’s just too much maintenance for me. Maybe one day I can try again. But for now, we’re going back to the old style of blonde where it was my snowy white with strawberry blonde red highlights. Yep, I didn’t think I’d miss it and here I am missing it. So as of September – which is when I’ll go back to see my stylist – I will be back to my normal crazy blonde.

Is that all I can think of? Yeah I think so. Hopefully I’ll be able to do these in video format too after the new year when I get my vlog camera. I can’t wait to be able to do some videos for y’all. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but let me tell ya, it’s a whole lot easier to do a makeup tutorial with a camera so that I can actually show you what I’m talking about instead of just hoping you understand what I’m talking about. So makeup tutorials and some other tutorials will happen once I get the camera.

Also fatality this week. I don’t know if I’ve told y’all about it but a couple months ago I was walking to our panty/utility room in the dark and I stubbed my toe on the kitchen table. Not just any toe though, the baby toe on my right foot. So I thought my nail was okay and then bam it starts feeling like it’s somewhat detached… Well it came off at work Saturday when I was going between places. So for the time being I have no piggy toe nail on my right foot. Sad day. And means I don’t have a nail to paint! Endless frustrations, y’all!

But another thing on the agenda today is to most definitely sort through the rest of my growing record collection. I have to get rid of some of my doubles and triples. Would you y’all like me to cover my collection maybe one day? Or would that be too much? Let me know in the comments section.  Do I or do I not share my huge collection with you? It might need to be vlog though. It’s that big!

But all in all today is going to be a good day and I’m going to spend it doing things I love: listening to music, eating good food and taking beautiful pictures!

What’s your favorite thing to do on days when you can relax?

XOXO, Trula Marie