Planning with Planners Vol. 2

Back With An Update!

Hey, belles & beaus,

I wrote a while back about my new planner that I’d picked up. Yeah, I had gotten a personal size, but it’s just too tiny for me to write and do all that I like so I invested in another which is an A5. And I have photos finally! I cannot wait to invest in some decent lighting equipment so I don’t have to wait for nice sunny days for photos.

I’ve got one Etsy store working on some pages for me that I will most likely use in the future, but for now I’ve found some freebies online to use thank to Pinterest. I will share what all I used to cut my pages, what weight of paper I used, and so on in another post next week. I have the pages pinned in my planner board on Pinterest, but I’m going to also share the links here in this post as well so you can check them out much easier than searching my poor boards.

Monthly Inserts

So for each month I have three different monthly inserts. The first one is my monthly goals/to-do list, second is the actual monthly calendar, and third is my small monthly calendar that keeps my important dates for each month like birthdays and anniversaries that I need to remember!

My two big monthly print outs came from the lovely Natalie Kizer over at Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes! I discovered her blog recently thanks to Pinterest when I was searching for A5 sized pages. I discovered during my first round of printing that my PDF on my MacBook was sizing them up to 113 percent. If you move it down to 100 percent, then it actually prints them at correct size. But these print outs are amazing. I had some issues with getting the actual full month to fit because there weren’t enough weeks. I think the monthly layout would have benefited from being 6 weeks instead of just 5. But to each their own on designing! It’s not too bad so it really doesn’t bother me that much.

My first is a monthly goals and to-do list. I’m going to try and utilize these as much as possible because I really want to get on goal setting with pretty much everything including the blog. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try an incorporate them.

My second is the monthly calendar layout. I think I really fell in love with all these because they’re in a brush script and that’s something I absolutely love because I practice calligraphy with an actual calligraphy pen so it makes me feel all fancy. Like I said I feel that these should have a 6 week layout instead of 5 because I couldn’t fit some of the dates in the normal places so I had to do some editing.

My last print out is the monthly important dates. It comes from The Pretty Blog which shares a variety of printables. Here is the direct link to the birthday calendar! There are a few others similar to the one I picked, but it’s my favorite so it’s the one I chose to use in my planner. I just add in names as I go and I figure I can eventually print it double sided if I need to add more people to a certain date!

Weekly Inserts

My weekly inserts also come from Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes. I really love the amount of space these give me to write. The weekly look that originally came with my planner was extremely similar to these so it’s nice not to be switching from something that I truly enjoyed! As you can see, I’ve actually rounded the corners on my pages and I will be addressing how/why I did that in my next planner post!


Natalie has another weekly insert that is for weekly goal planning but I haven’t found a way to incorporate it into my current layout, but I definitely want to! If you are interested in it, you can find that here.

Daily Inserts

I don’t use these often but I did print and include them in my planner for days when I’m not working so that I can plan my day accordingly. It helps me get my goals set up for the day – which usually always involves some blog photography if Mr. Sunshine is visiting. But this allows me to keep from writing a bunch of stuff in my weekly look. These are the daily planning pages that she offers on her blog.


I included the Today’s To-Do List on the backside of all of these when I printed them to give me more space for my list. Sometimes a small little area is just not enough, especially when you are packing for a trip! As I said before, I don’t use these often but they come in handy which is why they have their own little section devoted just for them!

Other Inserts

Natalie offers other inserts for A5 planners that go with these pages as well. I’m only going to include the ones that I use as they’re just the ones that I get the most use out of.

The first one I want to talk about is the Password Log that she created. This has become my best friend due to my life as a blogger. I have various websites that I’m signed up for – Influenster, Instagram, etc. – and it helps me keep up with my usernames, passwords, and emails that the accounts are associated with. I don’t use it just for my blogging things. I also use it for personal accounts like my Etsy and Ulta accounts.


The second one that I want to talk about is the Bills Due printable. With being graduated from college and now having bills that I pay regularly, this has come in handy. Plus I get a lot of satisfaction from just checking off when I’ve paid something. I like lists and I like to check things off those lists, so anything that will encourage those actions are going to be used to the fullest!

Next are my grocery lists. I love these because they don’t have to be dated as you’ll be able to see on Natalie’s blog. I just didn’t happen to get a picture of these. I’m smacking myself for not taking a picture of this in my planner. But I adore the way she has it set up and it really works! The separate sections are Refrigerator, Pantry, & Miscellaneous. I quite like it because I’m not looking for it all over my list but instead I know where it and they’re all in the same area.

The last A5 printable that Natalie has that I use is the Notes pages. I have these situated mostly at the ends of my months if there is space a blank space. Once I get my vlogging camera and a good parallel mount bar for it, then I will do a video to show you what I do with them exactly. But I feel like they’re useful for when I have blogging ideas or just random ideas/thoughts to jot down. I will eventually print more out because I haven’t used the ones that originally came in my planner, but I love having note pages just to jot down ideas when I don’t have my blogging notebook nearby. They’re just a nice thing to have as a “just in case”.

But there you have it! Those are all my current planner inserts for the next year and I cannot wait to start using them.

What are your favorite planner printables? Or, if you just buy a whole planner, what is your favorite pre-made planner?


Trula Marie


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    1. I hope I didn’t sound rude when I said that! It wasn’t that big of a deal. Just a couple days that didn’t line up with the 5 week layout sadly for 2018. Calendars, they’re more difficult than people sometimes!


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