Life Update Vol. 34


Hey, Belles & Beaus,

I know I’ve been missing in action this last week. Work has consumed me with organizing everything that I can because it’s so hard to find things. Plus I had some other extra responsibilities away from work. It’s just been a crazy week.

My bosses all but put me in my car yesterday to send me home because I planned on coming home. Currently sitting at Panera Bread having some comfort foods aka my favorite pick two: Chicken Noodle Soup and a Grilled Cheese with a dill pickle slice. The reason they told me to go early was because of all the ice the South has been expecting the last few days. I’m home safe and sound, obviously. But I thought escaping to town today wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Plus I went and saw one of my former co-workers at the hospital. She sells LuLaRoe and I had spotted some blush colored leggings on her albums. I wanted them…. Well I found a Perfect T as well so I got both. They’re so cute!!! And she’s holding this really pretty dress for me until February. I fully plan on wearing it to my Women’s Fraternity Founders’ Day Brunch. I think I’ll pair my long panda necklace with it.

Also, I’m debating making a Snapchat for the blog. I much prefer Instagram but that’s just me. I’ve been using my snapchat more because of some of my good friends and I got a bitmoji. I finally took the plunge. So let me know your thoughts in the comments.

But this week will hopefully bring y’all some enjoying posts. I have a couple makeup ones that I want to get written with my three day weekend. It’s a surprise three day because I didn’t know the office was closed on Monday. So yay!!!

I’m enjoying this new job though. It’s really laid back and I love how friendly the office is. Plus my bosses are pretty cool. But life is pretty good again at the moment though I had to send my dress for the AOΠ party at the end of this month back. It fit horribly despite me getting the right size. But Unique Vintage come thru with an amazing dress that I can’t wait to share with y’all! I’m so excited about it because I’m probably going to wear it to pieces.

I hope y’all are staying warm and safe with this crazy weather!


Trula Marie


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