Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Palette

A First Impression

Hey, Belles & Beaus!

Okay two posts in one weekend! And I feel like it’s been forever since I did a makeup first impression or review. This was a lucky buy at Ulta this past year due to it being on sale.

It is rare for Ulta to have prestige brands like this on -what I call – any decent sale. If it isn’t at least 40 – 50 percent off, then to me it isn’t a sale. Well these lovely palettes and their creme counterparts were actually on sale for half off, I believe. I also had my 20 percent off coupon which also works on sale items with Ulta. On top of all this, I had $11 USD off in points with Ulta. After all was said and done, I only paid about $5 USD for the palette much like I did when I bought my Tarte Tartiest Pro Palette. That was all points though. Truth of it all, it was an amazing steal that I’m in love with!

I’ve heard that these aren’t the best to use with a fair complexion like mine, but I figured for getting it at that price, I could deal with it. Shocker, this thing is much better than the NYX one that I own. I got mine in the Light to Medium shades. When I apply this to my skin, I mix the middle brown tone with the palest highlighter in the palette. I just dip into both colors with my brush and apply It blends amazingly well with my Fenty Beauty foundation in shade 110. It carves my cheekbones out so well that I regret not trying it out sooner.

The brush I use to apply is a small brush meant for blush that came in my November IPSY Glam Bag. The brush area is small enough to follow the line of my cheeks without much effort but still big enough to really blend the color in. I still use it for blush as well but I use my BH cleaning sponge on it between the colors. This brush holds the color so well but it also deposits it all on my skin when I use it. It’s a fabulous brush made for fabulous work!

But the contour palette has really blow me away. It feels lightweight and I love how flawlessly it blends. Usually I look like I have dirk on my face when I have previously attempted contouring because the formula just didn’t blend well. This palette makes my cheeks look as if they are naturally that awesome. It’s definitely one of my best Ulta purchases to date.

What’s your best make up purchase from 2017?


Trula Marie


2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Palette

  1. I am soooo behind! I’ve never even attempted to add contours to my face! I recently bought a glimmering eye shadow from Estee Lauder and I LOVE it! I found it at the end of December…but I’m still counting that as 2017. 😉

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