Naked in Death

Book One in J.D. Robb’s In Death Series

Hey, Belles & Beaus!

I have a new recent read for you in my attempt at breaking out of my book comfort zone. My mother started reading these books out of order – like I did with The Chronicles of Narnia. Well, now she has me hooked. She bought the first ones toward the end of 2017 and I started reading the first one but was trying to focus on Game of Thrones so it got put on the back burner.

Well, I have officially finished reading Naked in Death…. And let’s just say I’m in love with the series and it’s only the first book. I’ve brought back books two and three with me to Nashville so I will hopefully have those reviews pumped out soon for y’all! But I’m pretty sure I’m absolutely in love with these books and my thoughts aren’t going to change.

The opening introduction to this new style dystopian world and one of the main characters is pretty interesting.  Eve Dallas is a female cop married to her work pretty much. It’s kind of nice to have it be the opposite when it is usually the male that is married to his work. She’s just come off an emergency call where she had to kill someone and she gets called in to work on another case.

This case comes with a high profile and she has to turn over every rock that she finds – no matter how small or considered insignificant –  and it gets her in deep to her past. While she’s turning over all these rocks, she is introduced to her love interest who – spoiler alert – she eventually marries. I know! Mom spoiled it for me but I’m sure we can all see that part coming from a million miles away. His name is Roarke.

I’m gonna be honest I get Christian Grey vibes off of him just because he’s tenacious and goes after what he wants, but that’s where the similarities end. I don’t know how I’d describe Roarke other than how he’s described in the book. I wish I could think of an actor to compare him to… I mean the closest I could even get is probably a mix between Jamie Dornan who play Christian and  Henry Cavil who plays Superman. That’s the best comparison I can give you.

They work together among other things to find out who is actually the killer in the story. Eventually he helps outfit the police station and upgrade everything much later on in the books from what my mother has told me but I’ll let you know my opinions on that when we get there!

But to be honest, I can’t wait to continue reading these books. They’re a branch out of my usual teen fiction rounds because I honestly just can’t step away from some of my favorite authors that are in the genre. Plus I still have a lot of book series that I started ages ago that I haven’t finished. That includes The Series of Unfortunate Events that I will eventually finish purchasing and reading.

What new book series have you discovered?


Trula Marie


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