Life Update Vol. 35

Y’all I’m Done With This Weather

Hey, Belles & Beaus!

So I’m not going to lie. I’m so sick of this weather we’re having here in the South. It sucks. It’s snowing. Last Friday we had ice and I was all but pushed out of the building at work. Most everyone didn’t come in on Friday because of the weather. They were projecting us to get the ice and stuff earlier in the day and it didn’t really happen until later in the evening. Also we didn’t get anything basically at my house when I got home sooooo there’s that.

But of course, I come back yesterday and guess what? We’re projected to have snow last night. Oh we got snow alright! I’m currently hiding in my bed refusing to go out of the house. I lie. I’m probably going to bundle up long enough to go take some Instagram worthy photos for y’all and then go right back in the house and thaw my poor frozen toes out. I might actually even put makeup on.

I keep really thinking I’d like to go to the park, but sadly it isn’t worth getting stuck for. So I’ll just have a bit of fun as the day goes with the camera around the neighborhood. There’s some good photo ops so I’m going to take full advantage of the lighting today. It’s actually in my favor. But that’s it for now! It’s going to be a very chill day.

Have an amazing Tuesday, y’all!


Trula Marie


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