Nashville Vol. 1

AKA NashVegas

I’m gonna be honest, belles & beaus, I’m probably the only person who calls it NashVegas, but who cares? And if you can’t tell, this is a completely unplanned post. I had no intentions of putting a post out today because I’m brain dead.

Right now, Nashville – my home away from home – has been dusted in two or three inches of snow. I wouldn’t know specifics as I didn’t bother to take a ruler outside and actually measure it. But the main point is Nashville came to a temporary standstill yesterday with the snow. I don’t drive in snow or ice for any reason if I can help it. And yesterday was spent being very lazy in my bed watching American Horror Story and many of my other shows.

Today, we seem to have thawed from Mr. Freeze’s grasps and a great deal of the roads are clear. Scoops to you if you got that reference too! But the roads are a little more thawed out today and I made a quick run to the post office to drop a package off to be mailed and then made a quick swing by the nearby Joann’s Fabric & Craft Store. I found something awesome though! Mumsy got me a letter board for Christmas and they have the letters made through the DCWV and I’m soooo excited! I got them in baby pink.

But basically Nashville is still as welcoming as ever. I feel so at home here and it never fails to soothe my soul. Also did I mentioned that where I’m currently living, I live down the road from one of my favorite country singers? Oh yeah, that’s the truth! I’ve yet to have a run in but I’m in hopes of one. Said singer’s Christmas tree was still up last I saw when walking the dogos. It has been too cold since for me to even set foot out of the house for a walk which is sad. But hopefully walks will be routine until I can get my gym membership.

Also sadly, Nashville is far too cold for a photoshoot right now, but soon I will have y’all tons of photos to look at on the Instagram! As soon as we get out of this below 40 degrees weather. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying all my snow clothes are at home because we rarely get snow and weather this cold. So I’m stuck doing inside things. This weekend is going to be a craft frenzy I’m sure, but I’ll survive! Projects will be shared on the Instagram when I have permissions to show them. That #CricutLife man. I promise the next post I make won’t seem like utter ramblings of a mad/cabin fevered Southern Belle.

But for now I’ll leave y’all with my current Nashville Visit Wishlist. Though some of these will have to wait until warmer weather:

  1. Grimey’s New & Used Records Store
  2. The Hidden Speakeasy downtown – have yet to figure out location
  3. Wild Horse Saloon – so I can brush up on my line dances
  4. The Johnny Cash Museum
  5. The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum
  6. The George Jones Museum
  7. The Frisk Museum
  8. The Parthenon

I hope Hump Day treats y’all amazing!


Trula Marie


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