Life Update Vol. 36

Y’all, The Weekend Was Crazy

Hey, belles & beaus!

I wasn’t here much last week mainly because my brain was going a million different directions. Between the snow and ice we got down here to running around downtown Nashville and then all of Nashville over the weekend, I legit slept like a baby last night because of it. I haven’t had that much fun packed into a weekend in a very long time. Like my feet hurt but it’s a good kind of hurt!

So if you haven’t followed the Facebook page yet, I highly suggest doing so. As of right now, I don’t plan on posting the pictures here because there really isn’t that much storage space for the blog here. I’m going to hopefully fix that soon, but I don’t have a timeline for y’all yet. Once I do, then we’ll be smooth sailing and I’ll post an update!

But anyways, we hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame on Saturday and I was just in heaven. I like all kinds of music to be honest, but country is pretty much where my Southern roots began and I stick close to it as much as possible. Hanging out with Christian on Saturday and Sunday really brought me back to my roots and I honestly can’t wait to dedicate a whole entire post to the experience! But that will come later this week. But for now if you want to see pictures, you can go to the Facebook page and check them out there. It’s the Country Music Hall of Fame album, and you can just click on that to take you straight there!

The weekend was amazing…. And we also hit up three Targets Sunday night on the hunt for a shirt that I was looking for. I was victorious and there will be pictures! Plus I have to introduce her to the show soon so there will be plenty of fun stuff to come.

I hope your Monday has been good to you!


Trula Marie


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