Glory in Death

Book Two of the In Death Series

Belles & Beaus, I’m starting to think we could start our own book club. I’ve literally only just started this series and read through two books. Possibly three as I have this post scheduled and have most likely finished the third book, Immortal in Death.

J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts kills me with this books. She’s got the writing down perfectly. Eve and Roarke’s story literally has me captivated and I can’t wait to get further into the series. Mom owns most of them so thankfully I don’t have to buy them. She should have picked up the newest book this past Tuesday so that she can start reading it.

This book picks up a few months after the first one. Eve and Roarke have slid into a routine of sorts and amid all this she’s dealing with another special homicide case of one of their own, a prominent D.A. Cicely Towers.  Soon after follows another woman, a young actress and then another murder of the wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong coat. Yeah, it gets crazy really quickly.

I promise I’m not giving much away. Eve does a lot of growing in this book, agreeing to move in with Roarke eventually. He does the best thing – knowing she needs her own personal space to hole up in when working – and creates a likeness of her apartment in his, now their, gigantic home. He gets her in a way that most people don’t seem to. But this murder seems to be the thing that brings them close together again.

Personally, this book took a completely different direction with how you figured out the killer. For the longest time, I would say I agreed with Eve’s assumptions, but when you find out who the killer is, it blows you away! Like, I saw it coming in the first book, but I didn’t see the killer coming in the second book. And yet again, Eve Dallas gets her man while navigating the balancing of a workaholic’s life with a boyfriend. But to see a woman that has been through what Eve has been through slowly processing and moving on through it, it’s pretty much a forward thinking book.

I’m not saying that Nora is pinning all of her changes on Roarke, he’s just encouraging her to deal with them and face them. Which is more than what most males do in this day and age. So take a note, beaus!

I hope your Friyay goes amazing and y’all have a good weekend!


Trula Marie