Immortal in Death

I Hear Wedding Bells

I finished this book last week but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to save it until this Friday. With as fast as I seem to be finishing books, this might actually help keep me posting something regularly on the blog. But I will tell you, Belles & Beaus, I’m definitely enjoying this series.

Nora Roberts returns with Eve and Roarke getting married in this book. Yes, you read that correctly. The lovely detective, Eve Dallas, has agreed to marry Roarke and they are in the process of planning their wedding. But of course, before we can even get to that Eve is assigned to another homicide, one she knows personally. As she starts looking into her informant’s death, another one turns up… But this time her friend, Mavis, is the prime suspect. What will Eve do? Anything to clear her friend who she has no doubts about.

So as follow through this story, the killer isn’t extremely obvious but you get a sense about who it could possibly be pretty much early on in the book.  The title of this book is based around a new drug that Eve’s informant had discovered but never turned in to her or his “trainer” – a term used for the cop they rat to – in the Illegals department. So it’s made via extracts from a flower named Immortality. It’s really addictive and not supposed to be easily available if you don’t have a reason to own it.

Eve works her way through the patterns and easily discovers who was behind the killings and all while working on her wedding to Roarke. I totally loved this though I think it was a little fast for a wedding. But who am I to know? These books have really been my biggest enjoyment as of late. I still recommend them so definitely check them out if you’re into Nora’s books.

I hope y’all are having a great weekend!


Trula Marie