Why I Highly Suggest Using It To Shop

Good morning, Belles & Beaus!

Today it’s another website review that I think all of you online shoppers will appreciate. Let’s be honest, we all do it on occasion. Sometimes, it is the only option we have to get something like my holy grail dress.

Enter Paypal. I prefer using this pay method because if you use Paypal you’re double protected. Right now, I’m waiting on a Easter present my mom had me order for myself that I used her card through Paypal to order. It’s a Charles River New England rain jacket with my women’s fraternity letters embroidered on the breast area.

Not that I’m knocking the Etsy store that I ordered it through! I’m not. They’ve been extremely communicative with me about where we stand in the process of getting it when I ask. I appreciate this a great deal and they will still be getting a glowing review from me about it if/when I receive it as the jacket itself had to be ordered from the company first.

However, Etsy only allows for so many days for you to open a dispute about an item. When using Paypal, they give you a date on the transaction that is the cut off date to when you can file a dispute on an item. I have full hope that I’ll receive the jacket no later than the middle of May considering the crazy weather everyone is currently experiencing across the US. It’s lightweight anyways so it’s only useful for Spring, Summer, and Fall. If I don’t receive any news as far as that goes, then I will file the dispute and get my money back. If I have to, I’m sure I can find someone locally at home or in Nashville that might be able to embroider the letters on for me because it’s not really that hard to do.

But the biggest reason I use Paypal is the fact that it’s accepted over multiple platforms. They rarely take the seller’s side in things if there’s a reasonable dispute filed and that’s the point of their service. I use it with my Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and Etsy accounts. I just like the extra safety net. Plus if you have your address automatically saved in it, then it uploads for you without you having to type it all in. If a website offers the ability to pay by Paypal, then I’m using it! I even used it when I ordered my first purchased stitched letter shirt. To clarify, I’ve only ever had hand-me-downs in stitched letters or those I have made myself which is only four pair. So I think it’s about time to take a break and buy a set.

Paypal also gives you protection as far as your information goes. If they’re set up to accept Paypal, then you don’t have to put in your credit card information. For me, that’s a plus because I hate having to always go grab my wallet and put my card number in when it’s saved on my Paypal account! I just select the card on my account that I want to use and it automatically fills in my shipping address and card information! That’s another bonus as usually you can actually save multiple addresses and cards in your account.

To be honest, I’ve been using Paypal since high school and I regret nothing. It’s made my life easier when shopping online and I plan to continue using it until I decide not to, which will probably be never!

Have a happy hump day, y’all!


Trula Marie



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