How to Dress for the Heat

Y’all, We’re Finally Seeing Spring

Okay, Belles & Beaus, it might not be exactly spring, but I’ll take it for the moment because I’m not longer freezing half the time when I walk out the door in the morning.

When the heat waves start coming like this, I’m usually breaking out the shorts and tanktops. But sadly these are neither appropriate for the work world. This is where we run into problems. The idea of a working wardrobe is – in my opinion – not really cohesive for being comfortable in warm weather. Skirts must meet the knee/fingertip length requirement. The chest must be covered. And if you wear a button up, it’s not always the most appropriate to roll your sleeves up even if the top came like that. It’s just hard!

This is when I start breaking out my summer dresses.  I gave quite a few that are work appropriate for the most part, sometimes needing a jacket over them to make them perfect. But all of my summer dresses come to my the ends of my fingertips at least – but I don’t like that rule. I also invested in a pair of sofe shorts to wear under my dresses just because it’s an added layer for if my skirt decides to not play nice.

But having summer dresses in your arsenal are not bad things. Most can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear with it. Today, I’m in my favorite mauve dress from Francesca’s with my gladiator sandals and a simple necklace. I’d probably dress it up with a blazer, but today it just to nice to wear mine as they’re all made for fall/winter. I have one but it’s pink and it’s not going to go with this dress.

Basically do you, but make it appropriate. I turn into a dress wearing machine during the summer along side the shorts and tanks because I really hate having to put any form of pants on. I hate them during summer. So when I have to wear them I wear them. But I will always choose to wear a dress when the summer heat show’s itself.

So my advice through this whole long winded conversation is to invest in some amazing summer dresses that you will wear every year until they die. That’s what I do.

Have a happy Tuesday, y’all! We’re so much closer to Fri-Yay than yesterday!


Trula Marie


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