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I’m A Sucker for Based on a True Story Movies!

Hey, Belles & Beaus!

I know I just did a review of Anastasia last week as my favorite childhood film, but I watched this with mama over Mother’s Day weekend so I just had to. Now, to give you some context she mainly wanted to watch this because Hemsworth, but I wanted to see it because Hemsworth and his wife! Just some small tidbits, the woman playing his wife in the movie is his real life wife. And I will say this much, if they are as cute together in real life as they were in the movie, then they are one of the cutest couples ever.

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, Captain Mitch Nelson leads a US Special Forces team into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Once there, the soldiers develop an uneasy partnership with the Northern Alliance to take down the Taliban and its al-Qaida allies. Outgunned and outnumbered, Nelson and his forces face overwhelming odds in a fight against a ruthless enemy that takes no prisoners.

12 Strong starts off just before September 9, 2001. It’s a date that American’s alive during it will always remember. I can still tell you where I was the day the towers were hit. I was in the Third Grade at Selmer Elementary School in Mrs. Regina Goff’s class. Now, I don’t remember all the details of that day. I just remember that we basically stayed inside the classroom once it happened instead of going out to play during PE. We did go to the cafeteria for lunch, but other than that we stayed in our classroom areas in the school. Crazy right?

So Hemsworth’s character has just decided to step over to the desk side of life and his friend is planning on retiring from the military. He’s getting his daughter ready for school when the news shows what’s going on. Immediately, he jumps into action and knows that he has to go overseas and help with this fight. After his friend rips up his retirement papers in front of his superior, Hemsworth finds out he’s getting to go over.

As the captain of his team, he promises them he’ll have the work done in three weeks. To be honest, when you read all the small print saying how long they’ve been in country, his team beat this by a single day. So I think that’s pretty neat. But the team goes over and are tasked with freeing towns from the Taliban in an effort to target the one they believed had instructed the attack on the Pentagon and Twin Towers. They’re working in small teams with locals and using carefully planned airstrikes.

Well, let me tell you I got scared about a million times during this movie. But Hemsworth definitely showed that he is more than Darling Thor. I say this because I haven’t seen the new female led Ghostbusters. Mostly because I’m behind and just haven’t watched it. I’ve also been on this kick of actions movies so, it’ll most likely be a while before I see it. The point I’m making is that Hemsworth did an amazing job. Was everything probably tactically correct? Probably not because it’s Hollywood and they don’t pay attention to that stuff. But I adored this movie way too much for the whole story line along with the casting.

That’s it for today! Hope your weekend is amazing!


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