AG|Hair Colour Care Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo – UPDATE

Full Review

Happy Friday Eve, Belles & Beaus!

I had planned on doing a completely different post today, but that didn’t happen because dummy me left my ideas notebook at home. However, I realized that it had been enough time between my first impressions of the AG|Hair Colour Care Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo that I can do an official review on it.

So at the beginning of the month, I told y’all about the search for a better purple shampoo for my hair because everything I was using was grabbing and soaking into the strands of my hair. This was a random buy at Ulta.

I regret 100% nothing.

Want to know why? Because I’m calling all the bad reviews on a bunch of crap. This last hair processing session resulted in me leaving the silver (for now) and going to a more snow white blonde. I miss the silver right now, but I’m enjoying the massive amounts of compliments I’m getting on my  hair. A great deal of those compliments are coming in because of this shampoo.

Now, people on Ulta were saying this didn’t tone their hair or it made their hair dry. They were also questioning the coconut sulfate in the product that actually isn’t bad for your hair. I mean I read review after review in the bad reviews section about how it didn’t work for them and supposedly made their color fade faster? Wah?

First off this is a sulfate free shampoo – I’m preaching to the choir now because my regulars heard this last time -, so if you’ve been using a shampoo with sulfate this will dry your hair out. It takes you hair a few washes to adjust to the new way of life. It will thank you for it in the long run.

Second, you might wanna check into your hair stylist. My stylist uses permanent colors on my hair, and a lot of other things to make my hair happy so that my color isn’t stripped from my hair. Guess why I use sulfate free shampoo? It’s the sulfate that strips the color out of your hair! Now this does not apply to the coconut sulfate found in their products. That is a natural one that isn’t bad for your hair – or at least in my experience it has only made my hair happier paired with my coconut deep conditioning masks that I use every shower.(#NOTSPONSORED)

Last, you have to give your hair time to adjust to a new product. I have had no issues with this shampoo keeping my blonde bright and white. This doesn’t grab my hair and actually suds white to some degree depending on the amount I use in my hair. Plus I seriously love the way my hair feels.

I’m also giving my hair time to heal from all the work that’s been done on it recently so I’m not blow drying it as often. Even when I don’t blow dry it, my hair is still soft despite the reviews that say it dried their hair out.

I’m in love with this product and wouldn’t be recommending it for my fellow blondes to give a try if I didn’t think it wasn’t worth it.

What shampoo is your ride or die?


Trula Marie


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