Juggling Work & Social Life

A Self Learning Experience

Happy Friday Eve, Belle & Beaus!

I used to have a far more active social live prior to the post-college world, mostly because I had a lot of free time as a college student. Now as a real world adult, it’s hard to find time to socialize with my friends and do more than just run to the grocery store to get the essentials before calling it a night.

Now let me just say now, I enjoy my job. I really do. I wouln’t trade it for the world.

But trying to find a good balance between having a social life and working full time is a hard thing to do. Especially when you’re friends are just as busy as you are! Thankfully, I think I have found a few things that might be helpful.

Weekly Group Activity

If you have a few friends you usually hang out with in a group and everyone knows each other, then try to find a reoccurring weekly activity you can all do together. If it is at the same time and day every week, then there’s really no reason why almost everyone can’t go. Right now, my little, her boyfriend, and my grandlittle are all part of a bowling league and we play every Thursday. It’s fun for all of us to get together and talk about our week.

Brunch/Dinner Date with Friends

Last night and Tuesday night, I had dinner with two different friends that I don’t get to see as often as I would like. So try to reach out on a monthly basis to those friends you love to see but don’t get to often. You can at least meet for brunch or dinner sometime in the month or every other week! It makes for great catching up time.

Potluck/Movie Night

If you’re anything like me and the majority of my friends, we love to have movie nights. Well, turn it into a dinner and a movie kind of night. This can stand weekly and change location by rotating through people’s places. Everyone brings a food dish and then you watch a movie together. Super simple and tons of fun for all! You could even do themed movie nights with it as well.

How do you like to get together with your friends?


Trula Marie


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