Blog Planner

What is that? And do I really need one?

Happy Fri-Yay, Belles & Beaus!

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but this morning was a rough one. Last night, I ended up being the only one at bowling so I decided to take the night to myself to eat and relax. Not that I ate more than cheese its but that’s life.

Today, I thought it might be fun to talk about one of the things in blogging that I don’t understand why I need it – though let’s be honest, with the way everything has been going lately I might need to.

As those of you who have been here for the last two years know, Southern Belle Grace is really a hobby for me that I try to post on every day to talk about things. Whether the blog gets monetized in the future is iffy, but for the time being it’s not.

A blog planner is exactly what you think of when you read that. It’s a planner for the blog. It’s a place to write down ideas for your posts, write down what you need to complete, and just the normal to-dos for your blog.

I love planners, but I hate having to have more than one. So finding one that I can use along side my normal planner – which my new one should be here soon as I had it sent to the Farm not to where I am currently crashing – but it is really hard to do that. To me, I really just need a notebook to write my ideas down in. When I post it will be when I can get to sit at the computer to write them into the drafts.

Should I probably have a blog planner? Yes.

Do I want one or feel the need for one? Absolutely not!

I like coming here and just writing what I feel like writing about. Yes, I do occasionally schedule posts but that’s so that I know they’ll get posted at a certain time. I fully plan on taking advantage of this weekend to hopefully get some posts ready for this next week.

But there’s many different types of blog planners out there. The company where I purchased my new planner from actually offers a blog planner option. However, I didn’t quite like the way it was laid out. I might get in next year and give it a try. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking it!

I know that a lot of different creators post them online. I’ve downloaded many a free ones to poke at and see if I like them. There’s only been one that’s been my favorite and I’d love to expand it more but I lack the ability to do things like that. But for now, I’m content with the way I write my posts – even if they come in unorganized trains of thought sometimes.

Bloggers, do you use a blog planner? Or do you just like to sit and brain storm?


Trula Marie

6 thoughts on “Blog Planner

  1. I have a section of my bullet journal dedicated to my blog (for stats, goals, and ideas), as well as a small section of my weekly spread. I do also have a separate blog planner that stays at home, but that is for long term calendar planning!

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      1. I’ve done pretty good I think up until this week. I really need to sit and work some kinks out over the weekend. I might do it while I’m having my car serviced tomorrow.


    1. I have a notebook with lists of blog post ideas as well as where I jot down any notes or just start writing a post sometimes! I find that having a planner seems to take the spontaneity that I really enjoy about my writing.

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