Life Update Vol. 59

My Good News

Hey Belles & Beaus!

I’m sure you’re wondering what my good news is, especially if it means that you’re getting a post on a weekend. Well the reason for this is nothing too short of a miracle and blessing considering how stressed I have been in the last few months.

I’m moving into my first apartment!

That’s right, y’all! I’m moving on up in the world and finally getting my own place. Actually as you’re reading this, I’m in the process of unloading the u-haul with my mom and some friends. Today is very much moving day and I can’t be more excited. Sure, I’m probably going to be sore as hell tomorrow, but finally having my own space is going to be fantastic.

It also means that I can start doing a whole lot of new photography for the blog because I can have all of my equipment with me. For the time being, I’m on my own but Miss Katherine will soon be a regular fixture after the first of the year so prepare yourself for all the blog photo outtakes to make it on her Instagram.

But today is all about the unpacking and not killing myself and others.

Wish me luck!


Trula Marie




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