A Cold Truth

I Suck At Self Care

Happy Friday Eve, Belles & Beaux!

A) Yes, I just changed the way I spell Beaux from a “s” at the end to a “x”. This is because I’ve been reading Rhett Butler’s People on my phone and I like that spelling better. B) This is a major self realization post.

If you’re new here and just joining our little family, then hi! I’m sorry you’re arriving at a horrible time. I’ve just moved into my own apartment, there is no WiFi in it yet, and I’ve fallen off my healthy eating habits that I started over a year ago. Putting it simply, I’m not happy and this is a call out post on myself for it. And by calling myself out here, I’m hoping it’ll hold me to a tiny bit more accountability than what I have right now.

So long story short back in late February/early March, the stress I was dealing with seemed to start setting in on my body in the way of my hair extremely thinning out due to a lot of breakage. Now I’ve colored my hair for a while so this has nothing to do with that – I honestly noticed a lessening after my stylist uses the olaplex on me. It could be something more but I’m leaning towards the stress more than anything because I haven’t been doing my healthy eating like I would prefer.

This will be changing, however. I have access to a gym now – and I fully plan on hitting it this evening after work. I’ve also started taking more of my vitamins so that hopefully it’ll help me have the energy and up my metabolism to shed this weight I’ve gained as well as hopefully fix this hair issue.

My advice is to always take care of yourself because I have really let myself go due to everything that is going on. There will always be hurdles, and sometimes it’s really hard to see that there is a light somewhere at the far end of the tunnel but it’s there. Don’t give up on something that is good for you when you get stressed. Because that’s exactly what I did.

And now, I’m getting plenty of sleep, taking my vitamins, and back to using my tried and true shampoo – Wen. I’ve already noticed a reduction in my hair breakage since I started using it again this past Sunday and my hair feels a lot better for it.

So I hope you all learn from my stupid mistakes and don’t do what I’ve done to myself!


Trula Marie


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