Welcome to 2019!

And I’m Still In Bed…

Happy New Year, Belles & Beaux!

You’re reading this because I scheduled this like the slight genius that I am when it comes to blogging. I knew I’d be absolutely exhausted when I got home from work before heading out to the onesie party that I’m going to. So here ya have it from the year of 2018!

So we all made it to 2019! A lot of things have happened for me in 2018. I left one temp job at the beginning of the year for another longer temp position at Tractor Supply. At the end of that temp position, I got into the current permanent hire position I’m in. Thanks to this, I was able to finally move into my first apartment – and yes I’m still loving it other than I don’t like to cook all the time for myself.

Other fabulous things included reconnecting with old friends, trying out some awesome local places for food and fun, and attending my first Opry show! That last one was made even more special by getting to meet Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry as it was his first time back at the Opry since the death of Troy ‘T-Roy’ Gentry.

There were some awesome blog aspects too! My favorite was how much y’all seemed to like my post about the Limetown novel as well as the fact that publisher, Simon & Schuster, shared my blog post on their Twitter and shared my photo on their Instagram from when I picked the book on release day. Literally could not have asked for a better 2018.

Though 2018 came with some minor setbacks, I feel like it was a great year for the most part. I will eventually share with y’all those setbacks, but for right now, I think it’s best that I take the time in 2019 to learn from them and grow!

As for 2019, y’all know I absolutely hate resolution lists. I never manage to keep half of them going and then the rest fall off by summer. So for myself, I’m setting a goal list for 2019.

2019 Goals

  1. Be more present – both here on the blog and with my friends and family.
    I’ve recently been attending happy hour with a group of ladies that I’ve met through a Facebook group. Yes, I know! Stranger danger, but it’s always been in public and these ladies are amazing! The networking plus the support that I have found in this group has been almost like what I found in my women’s fraternity. It’s nice to branch out and network outside of that.
  2. Blog goals – sticking to them
    Now these I won’t share here, because these are more for me than they are promises to you as my readers. But I will say that I have some plans for 2019 – that include a potential road trip with my mom to a place I have been dying to visit for years. This also includes more focused posts and only the occasional life update – unless you want more of those.
  3. More fun try with me posts
    I love the idea of cooking and if it’s for the blog then I might just actually cook more. I have this urge to cook my way through the Better Homes & Gardens’ Cookbook that I bought myself – as I use their peanut butter cookie recipe frequently and I don’t like having to call mom for the recipe all the time.
    So more recipes will be coming and possibly some more DIYs because I really love doing things on my own, but I also love sharing them with you!
  4. More me time
    This year was really rough on the idea of “me” time. And by that I mean just sitting down and reading a book because I want to or making some craft that I’ve been dying to do. Heck, eating cookie dough while I binge watch Gundam Wing would suffice!
    So for 2019, the full plan is to take more time to myself. Whether that be yoga, crafting, reading a book, or going on a very long walk, I’m going to be more aware of my need for “me” time.
  5. Just going with things
    And by this I mean just accepting what I can and cannot change. I say this because it keeps coming back up every year. I think I’m past it and then it’s like “Nope, still here!” So I really want to practice this a great deal more.

I have a ton more that are just little things. But I highly encourage having a list of goals for the new year. Doing resolutions for the new year seem to make everyone drag down a little. Plus, I also believe that people try to over do it in the beginning and then that’s what makes them stop wanting to continue with them. That’s why I start small and then add things as the year goes by.

What are some of your goals for 2019? Share them down in the comments!

Happy New Year!

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