Blog Plans for 2019

Happy Saturday!

Hey, Belles & Beaux,

It’s finally the weekend and I did say that I was going to be sharing how 2019 is going to look on the blog. I spent today with one of my friends doing a little shopping. I finally broke down and bought a popover from Lilly Pulitzer today in the 60th anniversary print Hangin’ With My Boo. It has pandas so I couldn’t resist.

But you are not here for my day plans with my friend and the shopping we did. You’re here to find out what the hell this crazy girl is going to be doing this year with the blog. Well….

New Posting Schedule!

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve found that scheduling pre-written posts work best for me over the last year. So I’m hoping to spend the weekends fueling up on posts – doing research during the week – and getting them all scheduled for you. Don’t worry! I will still be active in responding to any comments y’all leave throughout the day.

But for now the schedule is going to look like this:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

I’m still posting five days a week, but I’m taking Wednesdays to myself. It’s usually when the group I’m part of has happy hour and I like to go, so I figured a midweek break would work. And I’m bringing back the weekend posting on some degree. For part of my Christmas present, I got a copy of the Better Homes & Garden’s Cookbook that so many members of my family has. I really want to do a cook through but that would work best for weekends when I have the time and can prep for it through the week.

I’m still going to do the recent read posts as well as product reviews through the year. Since a few of you really liked a lot of my baking posts this year, then I will be including those on top of the Saturday cooking bits. But those won’t be as often for the time being. I’m also going to tone down the life update posts just because I feel like not a lot of things will be going on here at the beginning of the year. They’ll still be around but not an every Monday thing.

HoweverI want to bring new things to the blog this year. So I want you to let e know anything you’d like to see in the comment section down below. I love to hear from y’all and I’ve really missed interacting in the comment section.

So what do you want to see from the blog in 2019?


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