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It’s been a short minute since my last movie review. And I’m honestly a little late to the fun with this one because I didn’t go see it in theaters. If you know me well enough, then you know that I am thoroughly a Marvel girl and I only dabble in the DC world on occasion. I’ve just always loved Marvel and what led to the creation of many of the characters – especially my dear Captain America.

However, there’s a dear love for four specific characters in the DC world and those four happen to include this one. Aquaman has been a favorite in all of his incarnations for me just because I adore the story line that follows Aquaman in the most general sense so he’s a favorite.

My only regret is I didn’t go see this in theaters when it was originally released. I haven’t seen a movie with imagery like this since AvatarBlack Panther was a close one, but I still feel like I could have waited for it to come out on DVD. Few movies put this kind of regret in me and Aquaman most definitely did just that.

I’ve been a fan of Jason’s since his time in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. The man is extremely talented and when I heard he would be playing Aquaman in the Justice League movie, I was actually tempted to go see the actual movie in theaters. I’m just not a DC kind of person okay? I like Wonder Woman, Superman, Arrow, and Aquaman. That’s it. There is a little love for Bats but not the Affleck version. Who decided he was a good idea anyways?!

But back to what this post is all about, It wasn’t just about calling attention to how badly we have been polluting our oceans for centuries, but also attention to the idea that just because we’re different we can all still co-exist in peace. Ya hear that! Co-exist in peace.

The colors of Atlantis and visiting some of the coolest locations that are under water was probably my favorite part of this movie. We’re looking into a location that is right here on Earth and Aquaman – along with Wonder Woman – is a super powered hero born here on our planet. Plus can we talk about how all of their rides were actually either creatures from the sea – one that is actually extinct – or they were modeled after them! I held out hope that maybe Aquaman would end up on a Megalodon, but no such luck.

All in all, I can’t wait to sit and watch it again after I’ve complete my Marvel watch through.


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