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Happy Tuesday, Belles & Beaux!

I went to a fun event last night and it’s focus was all about shopping locally – which I have started trying to do more of here in Nashville. You’d be surprised what you can find at this smaller stores! I love quirky things so sometimes big retailers that I would shop at don’t always have things that are more my full style. That’s where a lot of smaller stores that are local to the Nashville and surrounding areas, like Apple & Oak. This is where I got my adorable “I Hope You Like Cats” door mat.

Not only was Apple & Oak at the event but my favorite bar, Walden, was doing the drinks. So I definitely had planned on going because of this. While I was there, one of the owners had talked about a necklace she had been looking at at one of the booths. When I saw what the story was behind the jewelry concept, it made me think of another brand that I’ve adored, but haven’t purchased from because it’s hard to find pieces from the collection in silver.

My point of these two brands are the story behind them. Much like my love for Gary Sinise and and his foundation, these two are definitely jewelry lines that I can get behind because they support the homeless and those who survive human trafficking respectively.


UNLOCKED was the jewelry line at the event and I’m absolutely in love with the jewelry. I purchased their necklace called “Penelope” and it was made by Jennifer. It reminds me a lot of the one that my favorite YouTuber, Leigh Ann, has. But she purchased her’s off of Etsy.

I truly love the idea of supporting local people and stores, but this goes above and beyond that. The women who make this jewelry are strong individuals who are truly trying to improve their lives. The women who create them either are or have experienced homelessness. They all help to create the jewelry by hand and specialize in specific ones.

I was truly torn between “Penelope” and one other in their shop, but I most definitely will be purchasing more from them in the future because they create a little something for everyone. There was even a moon choker – which I recently have become re-obsessed with. It is all beautiful jewelry and definitely worth it!

Branded Collective

Branded Collective works with survivors of human trafficking to create jewelry. There was one I spotted when shopping at Apple & Oak but it was sadly in a metal that I can’t wear. It pulled at my vampire loving heart. But this jewelry is all 100% unique. There are no two pieces truly alike as they hand stamp them to create the designs, and they all coincide with each woman who creates these pieces.

The goal of this brand is to end the slavery and human trafficking in Tennessee and that is something I can always get behind. Over the years, I’ve started looking to brands that aren’t just there to make someone money, but to help people in the long run.

Now, for my Nashville people, I will continue to share my favorite ones that I find and vibe with. For those that live else where, see if you can’t find a brand that is more local to you and you vibe with!


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