Pet Parent Fun

Or Not Much Fun

Hey, Belles & Beaux,

I know I’ve been missing again after my book review the other week but between the quarantine and work I’ve been pretty busy. And this week hasn’t been all that glamorous either. Why? Well, Miss Katherine, my sweet little fur baby whom I love to death, almost lost her life. And I do mean almost.

For the last year or so, Katherine has been on a high protein diet because it is the only food I have found that 1) she loves and 2) has absolutely no grains in it because we know she has a grain allergy we’re just not sure which grain it is. However, this has accumulated to what we’ve gone through this week.

dsc09431Up until Monday, Katherine had been normal. All snuggly when sleeping with me and just wanting our attention as she normally does. On Monday, I went out to check her first thing in the morning and she was fine. Her litter box was filled as normal and I cleaned it out. Well around noon, I found her having issues going to the bathroom. This continued through most of the night until we went to bed. I tracked all of this and Tuesday morning she’d perked up a little bit. But we still went to the vet as a precaution.

Thank God we did.

dsc09423See, it turns out Katherine had stones in her bladder. They’re not sure how or why as female cats tend to not get these and if they do they usually pass them before they get too large. Unfortunately for Katherine, these were much too big for her to pass even through a catheter that the doctor inserted. So Tuesday she had to go into surgery. I count my blessings that we got her there when we did because the build up of urine in her bladder was causing toxins to build up in her blood. Thankfully she got there when she did.

dsc09428Doc let me know when she got out of surgery and that she was doing well that evening. Wednesday she was doing well and going to the bathroom on her own. The only thing is sometimes the after effects aren’t obvious until later. Today, Doc decided she needed to stay at least until tomorrow as he has had to help her express her bladder. Why is this? According to him and a lot of the things I’ve read about when in regards to these instances, the bladder becomes so blocked by the stones that it fills and stretched the bladder. This plus the cat straining to go can cause the muscles to become strained and weak.

However as of this morning, Katherine is now going to the litter-box on her own and does not need help expressing her bladder. But we’re still going to have doc show me how to be safe and protect her in case we have a step back in care.

dsc09426All of this has been a big scare to me and I want to do what I can to prevent a repeat of this in the future. I think all pet parents in general can agree with me that we hate to see our furry family members in pain. I certainly did with Katherine as she was vomiting and struggling. It was really hard to stay composed and not cry because I was worried so badly about her. So we will be going through with a diet change as a precaution to prevent this from happening again.

Thankfully she’s coming home today and I can start taking all the care in the world of my baby. I also wanted to say thank you to those of you have checked in on her or asked how she is doing. Even if you’ve just liked her pictures, you’ve been a great friend in this aspect as this has been really rough on me as I’ve never had an option of not being able to see her. So this has been a big deal to make me realize that I do rely on her in a lot of ways to help with my anxiety and loneliness.

img_6578I’ll keep the updates coming as I know some adore my little fur baby. She has her own Instagram account here that you can follow if you want to keep up with her while we’re navigating our way through this next year with a change in diet and many other things such as how active she is and so on. And of course, we might have her guest write a few blog posts along the way – when she feels up to it of course.

But for the most part I’m just really thankful to the community that surrounds the two of us and how supportive everyone has been in regards to all of this with her.


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