About Me

Name: Trula Marie
Age: Early 20s
Location: The South
Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, photography, crafting, sewing, loving my fur-child, Katherine, and so on.

IMG_4847I’m an only child and was essentially raised by a single mother my whole life. She’s my best friend and has been there for me through everything I’ve done with school and extracurricular activities. I was essentially a tom-boy growing up. I was always outside playing. I was into sports – mainly soccer and softball. When I wasn’t doing either of those I was taking jazz, tap, ballet, and gymnastics. Not very tomboy but it was something I enjoyed.

As I got older, I cut out the sports and found my feminine side so to speak. I joined the band in middle school and did that until high school when I auditioned for the high school choir. I spent three years in high school doing that — despite being crap talked by people.

After graduating high school, I went on to university to study Criminal Justice/Public Administration. During my time there, I began a minor in Chemistry and Music. While there I also joined a women’s fraternity, Alpha Omicron Pi. I joined during the Fall of 2011 and chose to go alum and the end of my fourth year as I would only be on campus for a single semester afterwards. I held multiple offices during my time as a collegiate. I held the following positions:

  1. Vice President of Communications and Alumnae Relations
    To Dragma Reporter and Historian ~ Fall 2012 & Spring/Fall 2014
  2. Vice President of Standards and Academics ~ Fall 2013
  3. Keeper of the Ritual/Songleader ~ Spring/Fall 2014
  4. Vice President of Membership Recruitment ~ Spring 2015

I graduated in December of 2015 after four and a half years at my university and am now semi-enjoying graduated life. I spend most of my time working on applications for jobs or catching up on things that I haven’t really had the time to enjoy since high school – most of which are my hobbies. When I’m not busy adulting, I’m usually crafting while watching movies. I’m a Marvel Nerd who dabbles in DC lore on occasion.

This is me… For now.