Pet Parent Fun

Or Not Much Fun Hey, Belles & Beaux, I know I've been missing again after my book review the other week but between the quarantine and work I've been pretty busy. And this week hasn't been all that glamorous either. Why? Well, Miss Katherine, my sweet little fur baby whom I love to death, almost [...]

All Souls Trilogy

A Three-in-One Book Review I recently finished the three books of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Much like when I read the Hunger Games trilogy, I finished these three in a week and a half. I couldn't keep my hands off of them but I also don't think I could do three separate reviews so [...]

The Vampire Lestat

The Vampire Obsession Is Real And I don’t think I’ll really ever move past the vampire obsession, Belles & Beaux. It’s been around since I first watched Blade. But today we’re taking a trip back in time to the time of Anne Rice and her vampires of New Orleans and ages old. I got into [...]

A Discovery of Witches

The Show Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux! And welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming. The first TV Show review of 2020 and it's about a show that originally premiered in 2018 and I was late to the game for. I blame the fact that A) I was super busy throughout 2018 and didn't have [...]

Life Update Vol. 81

Why Have I Been MIA? Welcome back after an impromptu three month hiatus, Trula. Thank you all for still being here despite my absence. I apologize for it because it was 100 percent not meant to happen. However, my 9-5 hustle go so crazy that even my volunteering with the Alpha Omicron Pi chapter I [...]

Life Update Vol. 80

I Took Two Weeks Happy October, Witches & Warlocks! Yeah, just like on Instagram we're changing it up and y'all are getting a new nickname for the month. Why is this? Because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I celebrate it with the same amount of zeal that everyone else celebrates Christmas. I regret nothing. [...]

Life Update Vol.79

Well, Here We Go Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend. I know that I definitely have with everything that I've been up to over the weekend. But I always have crazy weekends and I'm ready to go home to visit my mom and Miss Katherine at the end of [...]

Archive 81

I Dove In Again Okay? Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux, We’re going to bring back Recent Listens with a bang because I’ve grown sick of my music - even on Spotify. So I have started listening to my podcasts again which includes my latest binge listen, Archive 81 . Plus I haven’t take a moment to [...]

Blogger Xchange Xpo 2019

Four Days of Blog Oriented Fun Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! If you follow the blog on Instagram, then you know I've been a busy little bee all weekend since about five o'clock Friday evening until Sunday evening when the 2019 Blogger Xchange Xpo wrapped up with brunch at Red Pepper.  It has been a [...]

Rhett Butler’s People

I Still Love That Man! Hey, Belles & Beaux, I finally finished one of the most outstanding reads on my currently reading list. So with me finally finishing this one, I love my darling Rhett Butler all the more. If you have read the authorized sequel to Gone with the Wind entitled Scarlett then you [...]