Life Update Vol. 36

Y'all, The Weekend Was Crazy Hey, belles & beaus! I wasn't here much last week mainly because my brain was going a million different directions. Between the snow and ice we got down here to running around downtown Nashville and then all of Nashville over the weekend, I legit slept like a baby last night [...]

Nashville Vol. 1

AKA NashVegas I'm gonna be honest, belles & beaus, I'm probably the only person who calls it NashVegas, but who cares? And if you can't tell, this is a completely unplanned post. I had no intentions of putting a post out today because I'm brain dead. Right now, Nashville - my home away from home - [...]

Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice And Fire Book One Hey belles & beaus! I'm back with a recent read and I can say without a single doubt, I actually still prefer the books better than the actual show. I have said this for the Bitten series that SyFy had, Outlander on Stars, and now for Game of Thrones on HBO. [...]

Life Update Vol. 33

Off To A Good Start Hey, Belles & Beaus! I'm sure y'all were wondering when this post was going to come up. We're four days into the new year and things are going well so far. I'm trying my best to hit my step goals but with the below freezing weather... Well going for walks [...]

Life Update Vol. 32

I Swear I've Gained 10 Pounds Hey belles & beaus! I know I've been missing in action. I kind of fell off the bandwagon with blogmas. I just hit a wall and life got in the way. Christmas was small as usual and very relaxing. Mum and I watched our traditional Christmas movie, Gremlins. I happen [...]