My Jensen 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

Why It's My Favorite Good morning and happy Tuesday, Belles & Beaus! It's no secret, I have a vinyl addiction. My collection stands at 200 plus albums - not including the small collections that came together that my great uncle had.  I love going to record stores and searching for albums that I want in [...]


Life Update Vol. 55

First Day at the New Job Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! If I don't reply to your comments until tonight when I get off work, please do not take it personal! Today I started my new job and I'm trying to focus on learning everything to do correctly so that I can prove they didn't make [...]

My Favorite Book(s)

I Don't Have Just One Happy Fri-Yay, Belles & Beaus! Today is my last day at Tractor Supply and I'm really feeling it. I brought my box that I keep my office supplies in with me and it started getting so surreal. I had started dismantling my stuff at my desk earlier this week in preparation [...]

Formal Dinner Etiquette

It's Friday Eve! Hey, Belles & Beaus! So I thought it might be fun to add a new bit onto the blog about etiquette and easy ways to help you make your way through potential awkward situations. It happens! Today, we're talking about how to eat in a formal dining situation. If you're like me, [...]

Current Favorites Vol. 6

Happy Hump Day! Hey, Belles & Beaus! I'm back with my current favorites again! And if you're are thinking "Trula, you're reaching for a post" then you couldn't be more right. But it's a post that I like doing so here I am writing it. New Favorite Blog Girls and Their Cats has literally become [...]

Life Update Vol. 53

Well, Last Week Was Horrible Happy Monday morning, Belles & Beaus! I apologize for the impromptu MIA-ness after Monday, but in my defense, I wasn't feeling well and felt really rushed last week with life. However, I'm back this week and ready to go! I actually have a book review that I'm giving y'all this [...]

Life Update Vol. 51

I Promise I'm Not Dead! Good morning, Belles & Beaus! I'm sorry it seemed like I dropped off the face of the Earth on Thursday and Friday. To be honest, work was stressing me out. Thursday night was bowling league night and Friday... Well Friday I was more concerned about how fast I could get [...]