Planning with Planners Vol. 2

Back With An Update! Hey, belles & beaus, I wrote a while back about my new planner that I'd picked up. Yeah, I had gotten a personal size, but it's just too tiny for me to write and do all that I like so I invested in another which is an A5. And I have … Continue reading Planning with Planners Vol. 2


Life Update Vol. 14

I'm Still A Sucky Person Hey, belles & beaus! So sorry that I didn't get what I wanted accomplished last week. I was supposed to have Tuesday off but sadly that didn't happen. Seven days straight at work has worn me out and I'm back again today. So you're getting another life update post. I … Continue reading Life Update Vol. 14

Life Update Vol. 12

Let's Be Honest These Are Becoming A Monday Thing PS. It's rambly so apologize in advance Hey belles & beaus! I apologize now for the lack of blogging on Thursday & Friday last week. I worked both days and slept really crappy as well so my posts would have been crud. I'd rather y'all read good … Continue reading Life Update Vol. 12