Life Update Vol. 61

I Survived The First Week! Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! I survived my first week in the apartment on my own.  Heck, I even cooked spaghetti on Wednesday night because I was finally sick of eating the snacks I have around the apartment. I even made sweet tea. And I did two loads of laundry [...]


Life Update Vol. 60

I’m Trying Y’all! Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! This weekend - if you read Saturday’s post this is a rehash - I moved into my own place. It’s been a long time coming for many reasons that I won’t share because they are personal in many, many ways. Saturday was pretty much spent with my [...]

Life Update Vol. 59

My Good News Hey Belles & Beaus! I'm sure you're wondering what my good news is, especially if it means that you're getting a post on a weekend. Well the reason for this is nothing too short of a miracle and blessing considering how stressed I have been in the last few months. I'm moving [...]

Life Update Vol. 58

I Unplugged For A Week Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! I took last week off due to some stress and things that are going on in life. I promise I will be able to share the news soon, but for now they have to stay secretive other than those that know what's going on. After [...]

Life Update Vol. 57.1

Micro Update Happy Fri-Yay, Belles & Beaus! It's a beautiful Friday here in the South and sadly I don't have anything for y'all but this small update. I hit 101 followers! I'm so excited and happy to be at this number, especially when I didn't really think I'd make it to the second year of [...]

Life Update Vol. 53

Well, Last Week Was Horrible Happy Monday morning, Belles & Beaus! I apologize for the impromptu MIA-ness after Monday, but in my defense, I wasn't feeling well and felt really rushed last week with life. However, I'm back this week and ready to go! I actually have a book review that I'm giving y'all this [...]