Happy Halloween!

Hey belles & beaus! I figured for my absolute favorite holiday that I would just do a really simple post of collecting up my favorite YouTube videos from this year that are geared towards Halloween! Spooky Halloween Mashup - Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree - Peter Hollens & Bailey Pelkman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SFf1CLrGeI   This … Continue reading Happy Halloween!


Films I Adore

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Hey belles & beaus! Mumsy and I ended up going to do Mother's Day stuff on Saturday after I'd come in and gotten some sleep after being at work for eight hours and being absolutely worn out. To be honest, I'm still worn out which is why this post … Continue reading Films I Adore

The Beauty of Vintage

Vinyl Records & Turntables In the last couple years, I have re-discovered my love for vinyl records and turntables. My first run in was when I was much younger and had fallen in love with Elvis Presley's music after growing up listening to a lot of his music on the radio. Mumsy has almost all … Continue reading The Beauty of Vintage