Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice And Fire Book One Hey belles & beaus! I'm back with a recent read and I can say without a single doubt, I actually still prefer the books better than the actual show. I have said this for the Bitten series that SyFy had, Outlander on Stars, and now for Game of Thrones on HBO. [...]



I'm Not Ready For Goodbye!! Okay, belles & beaus, I finally did it. After two and a half months of planning on sitting and watching this movie to say goodbye to my first Mutant love, it has finally happened. Though there is some rejoicing as Disney has now acquired Fox and that means that X-MEN [...]

Transfomers: The Last Knight

BUMBLEBEE WAS IN WORLD WAR II Hey, belles & beaus! Sorry for the lack of blogmas post but I needed a well deserved day spending some time with my mama. We did some Christmas shopping together yesterday and I started in on a project today that we've been working on together. Well, we also happened [...]

Net Neutrality 2017

It's Time To Fight Belles & Beaus, I hate to talk about politics here. I try to keep it to my personal Facebook and Twitter. But right now, our lives here on our blogs and the internet are at stake. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is repealing our Net Neutrality here in the states. We [...]

Happy Halloween!

Hey belles & beaus! I figured for my absolute favorite holiday that I would just do a really simple post of collecting up my favorite YouTube videos from this year that are geared towards Halloween! Spooky Halloween Mashup - Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree - Peter Hollens & Bailey Pelkman   This [...]