2018 Goals

Get Ready for Déjà Vu It's New Year's Eve, belles & beaus, and today is the last post of 2017! I'm not doing anything crazy special unless I can convince mama to go out with me tonight for a small trip to Florence for fireworks. Last year, my fraternity sister/best and I hit up a [...]


Current Favorites Vol. 2

My New Obsessions Hey, belles & beaus! I figured it was time for another current favorites post and talk about my latest obsessions that I've acquired here in the last few months. Some of these things are more recent, some are things my lovely blogger friends turned me on to, or they're things that basically [...]

What’s In My Bag?

Are These Posts/Videos Still Going? Hey Belles & Beaus! Okay so I'm not even sure if these are actually still a thing? Are they? Are they not? I don't know but here we are! I wanted to do this when I got my vlogging camera and got to start doing that but that's probably not [...]

Personal Aesthetic

I finally figured mine out. To be honest, figuring out your personal aesthetic takes time. Not all of us are lucky to have been blessed with knowing our aesthetic early on in life. Sometimes you get lucky and that's the way the cornbread crumbles for you. However, if you're anything like me aka the outcast [...]