Gingerbread Cookies

On The Eighth & Ninth Days of Blogmas Good evening, belles & beaus! I decided to toss yesterday's post in with today's because I let the cookie dough sit overnight. I feel that when making gingerbread cookies, the longer it chills the better the cookies come out! Don't ask me why, they just seem to. [...]


Hello Restful Day

The Third Day of Blogmas 2017 Hey, belles & beaus, This girl is still exhausted from yesterday. Let's recap for a hot minute: Got up early to get ready for Phantom Got out of the house by the time we needed to and go to Memphis Managed to get to The Orpheum in a decent [...]

Christmas In Memphis

Happy Second Day of Blogmas! Hey, belles & beaus! Today's post is going to be short and sweet due to my not even being home today. That's right, another weekend home and I'm not even really at home. That's because today I'm taking my niece to Memphis to go see Phantom of the Opera again. Her [...]

How I Decorate My Tree

The First Day of Blogmas Happy December, Belles & Beaus! I make no promises to keep this up, but I'm definitely going to attempt. So I thought the perfect first post would be about decorating my Christmas tree. More specifically what order I decorate my tree in. I mean, I know it's fundamentally the same [...]

Christmas Pictures & Cards

The Family Tradition that Never Really Started Some people have this tradition of doing really cute Christmas pictures that go out with their Christmas cards every year. To be honest, my mom never got on that band wagon. Not that we did not do pictures during Christmas, they just were not usually the ones sent [...]