What is a Girl’s Best Friend?

It Sure Ain't Diamonds Every girl views some specific accessory as their best friend. Whether it's their favorite style of necklaces or their favorite line of jeans that fit and make them feel just right it's their go to thing that makes them feel amazing. Well for this Southern Belle, it's shoes. I have a [...]


Finding the Perfect Dress

The Birthday Dress Search There are so many reasons us ladies buy new dresses. I’m right, aren’t I, belles & beaus? We spend hours searching our closets, trying to find the perfect dress to wear to a celebration because we want to look perfect. This becomes even worse when it is for our special day. [...]

Outfit of the Day

#OOTD Founders' Day Edition So today is the day of the Founders' Day Brunch and I have prepared a look into my look for the day!  I know this is an early morning post, but I figured it would be a good happy for people to wake up to. I wanted to go really simple [...]