Crazy Things

I Sometimes Do Them Okay, Belles & Beaus, I have a tendency to do things without completely thinking them through logistically. No, I did not go and order a $500 camera for Vlogging when I have nowhere to film fun videos, stream on youtube, or am doing anything interesting currently. I swear I’m not going [...]

Two Initiations in One Day

Hey belles & beaus! So this weekend was a gear up for a big thing! My friend and women's fraternity sister, Kelli, and I went to Pi Omicron chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi for a very special event this past weekend. Kelli's little sister was initiated into our women's fraternity this past Sunday. As someone [...]

Alumna Life: Collegiate or Early Alumna?

A Decision To Better My Collegiate Chapter As I mentioned in last Friday's Life Update post, I was running low on ideas of what to write and post. Thankfully, I had a little downtime to reflect on potential topics. This one was kind of one I wanted to avoid. Mainly due to the fact that [...]

Personal Aesthetic

I finally figured mine out. To be honest, figuring out your personal aesthetic takes time. Not all of us are lucky to have been blessed with knowing our aesthetic early on in life. Sometimes you get lucky and that's the way the cornbread crumbles for you. However, if you're anything like me aka the outcast [...]

Founders’ Day

A Recap I thought it might be a little fun to recap Founders' Day as it was just all spent sitting through brunch and listening to our speakers that had been invited. So the morning of course started with my waking up and getting ready for the day. Full face of makeup, the dress and [...]

Sorority Recruitment:

Quality vs. Quantity? Honesty vs. Faked Love? Before the spring semester began for 2015, I was voted into the Vice President of Membership Recruitment position within my chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. Just like every year before, I preached about “Quality vs. Quantity” and being honest with our potential new members. I read from our [...]

Juggling a Social Life/Greek Life/College Courses

Okay, so I'm finally in the acceptance stage that college life is over, but I have also accepted that I have a well of knowledge that most definitely needs to be shared. I was that college freshman that decided not to follow the pack of the 200 or so people I graduated with from high [...]