Makeup Tutorials for Easy Learning

My Favorite YouTube Tutorials Happy Tuesday, Belles & Beaux! Let's face it: makeup is hard. And if you're like me and grew up in a home where makeup wasn't that big of a deal, it's even harder because you have no one to teach you! But that is not the only reason this post is [...]

Summer Shedding

Cat Mom Advice Volume 1 Happy Tuesday, Belles & Beaux! I know that I typically don’t do a lot of pet posts - especially as Miss Katherine is currently not living with me full time right now. But there are still some things that I can share with all of you. Like how to help [...]

UrbanGirl Nashville, A Woman’s Collective

My Favorite Group of Gals Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux! Also happy February! I had planned on doing this a little later with a few quotes from my fellow UrbanGirls, but I couldn't wait any longer to share my newfound group with you all! I will hopefully be doing a much more in depth post [...]

Bills, Bills, Bills

How To Handle Them Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! I had an epiphany for this post on Sunday as I was setting up my payment for my Ulta Credit Card. I try to write about things that either I enjoy on the blog or give you reviews on things - aka did I find them [...]


And Learning To Give It Up Hey, Belles & Beaux! First off, I want to say that I'm really loving this new blogging schedule because it allows me time to work on blog posts. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments. Second, today's subject is something that I absolutely suck at. [...]

Juggling Work & Social Life

A Self Learning Experience Happy Friday Eve, Belle & Beaus! I used to have a far more active social live prior to the post-college world, mostly because I had a lot of free time as a college student. Now as a real world adult, it's hard to find time to socialize with my friends and [...]

Formal Dinner Etiquette

It's Friday Eve! Hey, Belles & Beaus! So I thought it might be fun to add a new bit onto the blog about etiquette and easy ways to help you make your way through potential awkward situations. It happens! Today, we're talking about how to eat in a formal dining situation. If you're like me, [...]

Alum/Chapter Relations

Yes, It’s Another Greek Life Post Morning, Belles & Beaus, I know that my non-Greek life readers dread these posts. My regularly scheduled mumblings about things will be back tomorrow if you’d like to click out now. However, I found that this is an extremely important point to discuss on my blog for those that [...]