Blogger Xchange Xpo 2019

Four Days of Blog Oriented Fun Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! If you follow the blog on Instagram, then you know I've been a busy little bee all weekend since about five o'clock Friday evening until Sunday evening when the 2019 Blogger Xchange Xpo wrapped up with brunch at Red Pepper.  It has been a [...]

Ice Cream Guy

Come on, Guys! You Gotta Hold Your Own! It’s been a while, Belles & Beaux. And by that I mean it’s been a long while since I’ve been on a date. And that means I haven’t had anything to write about for this category in a while. Mostly that’s because I’ve been focusing on me, [...]

Life Update Vol. 76

It’s A Crappy Story Happy Monday,  Belles & Beaux! I figured I owed y’all an explanation as to why I’ve been gone the last few weeks. Things got crazy and I honestly got in super weird funk where I didn’t feel like writing. It happens. It’s never intentional. And I’ve honestly missed writing a lot [...]

Life Update Vol. 75

It's Been A While Happy Fri-Yay, Belles & Beaux! I haven't done one of these since March, so I figured it was about time to do one again. So where to start? I have thoroughly been enjoying my new job. It really lets me work with my need for attention to detail and I'm feeling [...]

Third Anniversary

I Can't Believe It Happy Saturday, Belles & Beaux! It's my first Saturday post since the new blog schedule got announced. If you want to know when I'm supposed to be posting, then you can head over here and read up! If you don't care and get notifications when I post, then just keep reading. [...]

Life Update Vol. 74

Hello Weekend!!! Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux! I figured since I've essentially been at my new job for a month that it was time for a life update. Plus, I've really been missing a detailed life chat in all honesty, but I think I like spreading them out a little bit like this. I'm loving [...]

Life Update Vol. 73

News, Glorious News Happy Monday, Belles & Beaux! I wanted to wait before sharing this most recent life update just because A) I've been super stressed thus the reason I've been MIA and B) I wanted to have everything be worked out before sharing because then I'm not feeling like I'm jinxing my life again because for [...]

How Not to Date a Southern Belle Vol. 2

Radio Silence Guy Happy Thursday, Belles & Beaux! I know it's been a while since I've done a dating life update. I haven't had much of a dating life that's been worth mentioning until now. I mean there's been a little dating just not enough really. FYI, this is not really about a guy that [...]

Welcome to 2019!

And I'm Still In Bed... Happy New Year, Belles & Beaux! You're reading this because I scheduled this like the slight genius that I am when it comes to blogging. I knew I'd be absolutely exhausted when I got home from work before heading out to the onesie party that I'm going to. So here [...]