Life Update Vol. 51

I Promise I'm Not Dead! Good morning, Belles & Beaus! I'm sorry it seemed like I dropped off the face of the Earth on Thursday and Friday. To be honest, work was stressing me out. Thursday night was bowling league night and Friday... Well Friday I was more concerned about how fast I could get [...]


Life Update Vol. 50

I Know. I Skipped Friday. Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! Again, I know I skipped Friday. I didn't mean to but then I couldn't find any inspiration to write so I didn't want to give y'all a crap post either like the one on Thursday soooo that's where I left y'all. I went home to [...]

Life Update Vol. 49

Let's Go Preds! Hello Monday, Belles & Beaus! Let me tell you, I am starting to hate Monday's more and more. Especially after the traffic jam that I encountered thanks to someone hitting an electricity pole and cutting out the traffic signals this morning on my regular route to work. This is the most Monday [...]

Life Update Vol. 48

I'm Still Numb Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! Sorry for my lack of weekend posting on the Instagram. I spent Saturday getting an update on my hair as well as celebrating my 25th birthday early with my family at home as it's in the middle of the week this year. So I was partying with [...]

Life Update Vol. 47

National Record Day & Other Things Happy Monday morning, Belles & Beaus! Another Monday, another life update as always. It was the usual crazy week last week with work, advising, and attempting to relax but have fun and save money at the same time. But a quick reminder to please fill out the poll for [...]

Life Update 46.1

I HAVE CAR NEWS! So, Belles & Beaus, mumsy called me on my way out the door from work and I got the most awesome news that my precious Gillian has been fixed! Turns out it had something to do with the inner timing clock or something in the car. Basically they had to order [...]

Life Update Vol. 45

#WakandaForever And some of you, Belles & Beaus, are looking at that and most likely thinking "Trula, you are a few months too late to the party." In my defense, I didn't have anyone to go see it with and I knew I'd most likely get extremely emotional during this movie. Next to them bringing [...]