Life Update Vol. 36

Y'all, The Weekend Was Crazy Hey, belles & beaus! I wasn't here much last week mainly because my brain was going a million different directions. Between the snow and ice we got down here to running around downtown Nashville and then all of Nashville over the weekend, I legit slept like a baby last night [...]

Life Update Vol. 33

Off To A Good Start Hey, Belles & Beaus! I'm sure y'all were wondering when this post was going to come up. We're four days into the new year and things are going well so far. I'm trying my best to hit my step goals but with the below freezing weather... Well going for walks [...]

Life Update Vol. 32

I Swear I've Gained 10 Pounds Hey belles & beaus! I know I've been missing in action. I kind of fell off the bandwagon with blogmas. I just hit a wall and life got in the way. Christmas was small as usual and very relaxing. Mum and I watched our traditional Christmas movie, Gremlins. I happen [...]

Life Update Vol. 28

Yes, I Survived Alabama's Struggle Win Happy Monday, Belles & Beaus! Yeah, that subtitle just sums up my weekend. Alabama's battle against Mississippi State was just.... It was flat out how Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson describes wins like that. If you haven't introduced yourself to his videos yet, then I highly suggest going on over to [...]