Planning with Planners Vol. 3

The Tools & Supplies Hey belles & beaus! I'm back with another planner post and this one is all about what I use to cut my pages out as well as other little tips and tricks. Fair warning, I did not have to go buy all this stuff brand new. Most of it I had [...]


Planning with Planners Vol. 2

Back With An Update! Hey, belles & beaus, I wrote a while back about my new planner that I'd picked up. Yeah, I had gotten a personal size, but it's just too tiny for me to write and do all that I like so I invested in another which is an A5. And I have [...]

Planning with Planners

And My Difficulties Picking One Okay, belles & beaus, a hot minute ago I posted on Instagram about my two planners that were gold and white. One was a Kate Spade and the other a Recollections planner that I'd picked up in a personal size at Michaels during a shopping trip with my Louisiana bestie [...]