Road Trip Snacks

The Essentials to a Trip Happy Friday, Belles & Beaux! Lately, I've had this itch to go on a road trip. Sadly, it's not possible right now due to a million things going at once. However, I absolutely love to plan trips, and my favorite part about trips are the snacks. Sure you need the perfect [...]


Nashville Vol. 1

AKA NashVegas I'm gonna be honest, belles & beaus, I'm probably the only person who calls it NashVegas, but who cares? And if you can't tell, this is a completely unplanned post. I had no intentions of putting a post out today because I'm brain dead. Right now, Nashville - my home away from home - [...]

Founders’ Day

A Recap I thought it might be a little fun to recap Founders' Day as it was just all spent sitting through brunch and listening to our speakers that had been invited. So the morning of course started with my waking up and getting ready for the day. Full face of makeup, the dress and [...]