Sorority Life: Recruitment

Advice For Those Going Through Recruitment Hey belles & beaus! I was sitting around yesterday doing some stuff around the house, aka refolding the mess that was my t-shirt and sorority t-shirt drawers, and it hit me. A dear friend of mine, who is also a sorority sister, has a little sister who is fully … Continue reading Sorority Life: Recruitment


Big/Little Reveal

As the calendar said and my post from Saturday informed you all, yesterday was Big Little reveal for my collegiate chapter Lambda Omicron of Alpha Omicron Pi. I can now say with tons of happiness, that I am now a Great Great Grandbig times three. To be honest, I love getting to spend time with … Continue reading Big/Little Reveal

Sorority Recruitment:

Quality vs. Quantity? Honesty vs. Faked Love? Before the spring semester began for 2015, I was voted into the Vice President of Membership Recruitment position within my chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. Just like every year before, I preached about “Quality vs. Quantity” and being honest with our potential new members. I read from our … Continue reading Sorority Recruitment: